The Best Charms for Starting Your Collection

Nov 7th 2023

The Best Charms for Starting Your Collection

By Charmco

Let's Begin

It all starts with one. Your first charm will always hold a special place in your heart - the one that kickstarted it all, your freefall into the world of fine jewelry, creating a visual, wearable memory book of your life in gold. The question is, when there are hundreds to choose from, how do you know which to pick? We're here to guide you with our best advice on starting your charm collection.

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Choosing Your Canvas

Before you dive into the treasure trove of charms, consider the foundation. Will it be a charm bracelet or a charm necklace? The choice is your first personal stamp in the collector's journey. Bracelets tell a story that wraps around your wrist, while necklaces allow your keepsakes to hang close to your heart. Most collectors start with a bracelet before moving on to a necklace, but choose what feels best for you!

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Marking the Milestones

Life is an album of milestones, and what better way to commemorate these than with a charm? Mark a sweet sixteen, 21st, or other birthday with our number charms, or celebrate your wedding with a marriage certificate charm. The birth of a child, new pets, and significant anniversaries all have charms that capture the memory, whether it's a calendar marked with a special date or a whimsical martini glass toasting life's joyous occasions.

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Celebrate Your Achievements

Achievements — personal, academic, or professional — deserve to be shouted from the rooftops or, in this case, dangled elegantly from your wrist or neck. A graduation cap for the scholar, a gold medal for the victor, or perhaps a custom charm celebrating a personal achievement — these are the markers of your perseverance and passion. Every time you glance at your charm, you'll remember how far you've come.

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Cheers to YOU

Your jewelry should represent all that makes you you, sometimes literally. A zodiac charm for your star sign, a birthstone charm for the month you made your debut into the world, or a monogram charm are the ultimate expressions of self. We love a custom baby portrait charm as a reminder to keep your inner child in mind as you travel through life's ups and downs.

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Pursuits and Passions

A charm collection without the flavor of your favorite things would be incomplete. An engravable bookworm for the bibliophiles, a cheese charm for gourmands, and a sewing machine for the crafty are just a few of the seemingly endless options that capture your favorite hobbies and pastimes. It's these personal touches that truly make your collection yours.

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Echoes of Experiences

Charms are also memory vessels, holding echoes of travels, treasured pets, and childhood reveries. The Eiffel Tower can take you back to Parisian streets, while a custom pet photo charm keeps your furry friend forever by your side. And let's not forget the timeless beauty of lockets, holding secrets close and memories closer. Each piece is a reflection of the paths you've trodden.

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Time-Honored Favorites

Sometimes, starting with the classics is the way to go. Iconic classic charms like the engine-turned heart, the playful gemstone mushroom charm, or the golden arrow are not just bestsellers; they are the quintessential emblems of love and joy that never go out of style. One of our best-selling charms is this classic medium-sized gold disc charm, which can be engraved with just about anything. We also have a collection of staff favorites and unique and unusual charms for those who prefer to stray from the norm.

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As you curate your collection, adding charms to mark the moments and milestones, remember there is no rush. Jewelry is in it for life, and our 14-karat gold charms will stand the test of time. Curating your custom charm bracelet or charm necklace is not just about adorning yourself with beautiful things; it's about storytelling, where you are both the author and the protagonist. So choose your charms with love and let your life's story unfold.

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