Charms for Wedding Season

Jun 19th 2024

Charms for Wedding Season

By Charmco

We Hear Wedding Bells...

Wedding season is upon us! For those getting married, attending a wedding, or standing up in the bridal party, it is the perfect time to celebrate love in all its forms. While some will buy toasters and Tupperware, there are better wedding gifts out there—right here, to be exact. What better way to commemorate these moments than with a special charm from Charmco? Whether you're looking for a unique piece for the bride or thoughtful gifts for the bridal party, our selection of distinctive gold charms offers an everlasting way to capture the joy and sentiment of the day. Let's explore some charming bridal gift ideas that will make this wedding season unforgettable.

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Bridal Essentials

As soon as that engagement ring slips on her finger, everyone she knows will be asking about the wedding. Thankfully, it is sure to be one of her happiest days, and we have oodles of charms to capture the joy of the day. For the bride, the wedding cake charm, featuring lustrous white enamel detailing and the phrase "just married" in gold script on the underside, symbolizes the sweetness of her new journey. The bride and groom disc charm, perfect for engraving a short romantic message, is a lasting memento of the day. The marriage certificate charm makes things official and ensures they'll never forget their anniversary date. For those embracing a new shared surname, the custom round monogram pendant is a beautiful way to celebrate their union and new initials. Many brides don't change their names, so the diamond initial disc charm makes an elegant alternative to commemorate their spouse's initial to keep with them at all times.

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Tokens of Friendship

Celebrate your bridal party with meaningful charms that symbolize friendship and support—you wouldn't have made it to the altar without them! The Claddagh charm, representing loyalty, love, and friendship, is perfect for bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and groom. The yellow rose charm, a symbol of friendship, becomes a permanent memento of bridesmaids' bouquets. For a touch of whimsy, the fairy tale castle charm serves as a thank you for your friends and family helping you find your happily ever after. Lastly, the lifesaver charm is a playful gift to say thank you for getting you through the wedding planning stress and for being a loyal and cherished friend.

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Love in All Forms

There are many symbols of eternal love to capture the joy of wedding season. For introverts and quiet loves, the gem-set heart charm offers a unique wedding gift through acrostic jewelry, where the first letter of the name of each gemstone spells out a secret message. The gemstones in this charm spell out "dearest." A Charmco favorite, ringing bell charm, not only captures how ringing the bell at the time of marriage is believed to bless the couple with happiness and love but also brings a delightful jingle to their charm bracelet. Hopefully, they'll think of their wedding day whenever they hear it. The enamel matchstick charm is a cheeky engagement or bridal gift for someone who has found their perfect match—the one who sets their heart on fire. When words fail, the infinity charm will say it for them: their love is forever.

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From the Honeymoon & Beyond

For the wedding night and beyond into the honeymoon, charms like the bustier charm and stiletto charm add a feminine note to the bride's charm collection. She likely won't get to wear her wedding dress again, but these gold charms can help capture some of her bridal attire in a new way. Complement these with the suitcase charm to mark the beginning of the couple's exciting travels and adventures or the diamond butterfly charm to symbolize new beginnings and experiences yet to come.

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A Lifetime of Memories

A lovely gift for the bride (or groom!) to symbolize their commitment to each other 'til death do they part is the eternity knot charm, an ancient symbol of endless love and interconnectedness. The symmetrical knot ties into itself without a visible beginning or end. The saying "tying the knot" actually originates from the custom of tying the groom and bride's hands together at the altar, symbolically binding them together forever. For a charm that encapsulates the journey ahead, the engravable love lock charm is perfect for engraving significant dates or sweet nothings, making it a meaningful keepsake that the bride will cherish throughout her married life. As the happy couple moves through life, the love keys charm will capture how they unlock new memories and chapters together. It would be adorable for one partner to wear the key charm while their spouse wears the lock charm as a private way to showcase how they hold the key to each other's heart.

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Wedded Bliss

This wedding season, let Charmco's collection of expertly crafted gold charms add a personal and memorable touch to your wedding celebrations. Each charm will highlight friendship, love, and new beginnings, ensuring that every moment is remembered and cherished for the years ahead. Whether you're looking for unique wedding gifts for the bride or the bridal party, these charms will bring joy and sparkle to one of life's most beautiful moments.

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