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Good Luck Charms for St. Paddy’s Day

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The holiday where everyone can be Irish for a day is coming up, and we’ve got some beautiful St. Patrick’s Day charms to share with you. Our collection of good luck charms is diverse as it is beautiful, and you’re sure to find something that resonates with you.

Charmco’s 14k gold charms are the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one, and our charms are available in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Attach them to a necklace or bracelet, wear them alone or as a set, and create a look that’s uniquely you. Take a look at our good luck and gambling charms collection today!

Here are some of our favorite Irish and St. Patrick’s Day charms.

Four Leaf Clover Engravable charm

Four Leaf Clover 14k Engravable Gold Charm

The four leaf clover, or shamrock, is perhaps one of the most recognizable symbols of St. Paddy’s Day, and we have a few of them to share with you. The first is our Four Leaf Clover engravable charm. This is a silhouette of a four leaf clover that can be engraved with initials of loved ones or other sentimental letters.

Lucky Clover Charm

Four Leaf Lucky Clover 14k Gold Charm

Our second four leaf clover charm is an elegant piece with details that make this a “charming” addition to your collection. Each leaf has a special meaning: faith, hope, love, and luck. When you need to carry all four of these with you, this shamrock charm is the way to go!

Four Leaf Clover Charm with Peridot

Four Leaf Clover with Peridot 14k Gold Charm

Our third four leaf clover charm has a vintage look to it with its styling and peridot at the center. This charm features four heart-shaped leaves with pretty accents and a satin finish. The center stone is a peridot, which many consider a talisman with magical properties, as well as energy that brings good luck to the wearer.

Rainbow Charm

Rainbow 14k Gold Charm

Few things are as stunning as a rainbow, and one of the icons of St. Patrick’s Day is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. The rainbow is a symbol of new beginnings, and following your heart’s desire. Our rainbow charm is the perfect addition to your collection of good luck charms!

Claddagh Charm

Claddagh 14k Gold Charm

The Claddagh symbolizes love, and if you’re looking for love (and luck!) this St. Patrick’s Day, what better charm to wear than our Claddagh charm? This icon represents love with the heart, friendship with the hands, and loyalty with the crown. Wear it all year-round when you need a feeling of warmth on you at all times!

Charmco is home to a wonderful collection of good luck charms. Browse our collection today!

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