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Celebrate Your Mother with Small Gold Charms

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None of us would be alive today without the care and compassion given to us by our mothers. If you asked your mom, she’d say everyday should be Mother’s Day. At least for one day out of the year, your mother is recognized for the amazing person she is by the country. Charmco, a company that specializes in 14k vintage charms, small gold charms, and charms for bracelets, offers a multitude of charms to recognize your mother as well. Below, we’ll go over just a few of our favorite Mother’s Day charms, but visit our site for a full selection today!


Give your mother your heart with this Large Engravable Heart Locket 14K Gold Charm by Charmco. This engravable charm can be personalized with your mother’s monogram, real name or just “mom”, or a special date you want to remember. Inside, there is a place for two portraits, a perfect place to put a picture of you and of your mom. This heart locket large gold charm is perfect for new mothers and even grandmothers. Pair this exquisite gold charm with one of our many gold charm necklace options.

Large Engravable Heart Locket 14K Gold Charm

An indispensable tool in all mothers arsenals is the Smart Phone. Charmco’s Diamond Smart Phone 14K Gold Charm is the perfect small gold charm for your mother to remind her that you’re only a phone call away when she wants to check up on you. This cute gold charm features a small diamond as the home button and a camera lens on the reverse side to send pictures of you to your mother because no matter how old you are, your mother worries! We also offer a hashtag and @ symbol charm for the modern mom who has embraced technology and sometimes texts more than you do!

Diamond Smart Phone 14K Gold Charm

When you were little, odds are your mother read you a lot of bedtime stories, including Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes. Thank your mother for spending countless hours reading these timeless tales to you with Charmco’s Vintage Movable Humpty Dumpty 14K Gold Charm. And as the nursery rhyme goes, Humpty Dumpty is sitting on the wall, but he does take a great fall so he cracks in two. Luckily, you can always put him back together again. This small gold charm is perfect for a Mother’s Day gift and fits nicely on a charm necklace.

Vintage Movable Humpty Dumpty 14K Gold Charm

You probably rode the bus to school, and it was your mother who walked you to the bus stop every day and met you there every afternoon, sometimes standing in the cold, wind, and rain just to make sure you got on and off the bus carefully. And while you were standing and waiting on the bus every day, you may have sang the classic kids song “The Wheels on the Bus.” With this vintage gold charm, the wheels on this bus do go round and round, carrying you to and from school. Charmco celebrates this age-old routine with a Vintage Movable School Bus 14K Gold Charm. This small gold charm is perfect for either a charm necklace or a gold charm for a bracelet. Give as a gift to your mother or perhaps to your favorite childhood teacher who made a huge impact in your life.

Vintage Movable School Bus 14K Gold Charm


Charmco loves to put smiles on people’s faces through our beautiful gold charms. We are constantly adding new designs to our collection of all types, from movable charms to 14k vintage gold charms. If you have a design in mind that you can’t find, contact us to see if we have one available or can create a unique design for you. We offer small gold charms for all occasions, from birthday celebrations to wedding celebrations. A charm necklace or a gold charm for a bracelet is the perfect way to remember a special occasion or celebrate a special someone in your life.

You can never express to your mother your gratitude for all she’s done for you, the support, the encouragement, the kisses, the hugs, and even the middle-of-the-night rides she gave you in your teenage years. There are no words; however, a small gold charm from Charmco is a great way to celebrate the uniqueness and charm (pun intended) of your mother. Order your charm necklace today!

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