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Gold Charms to be Thankful For


November is the eleventh month of the year. Traditionally, November was the month harvest was over, and as the daylight hours shortened, the farmers took a break, which afforded time to celebrate the bounty of the year. Began by the Pilgrims in 1621 and made official by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the last Thursday of the month.

Thanksgiving is a day to express our gratitude and thankfulness for our many blessings and to celebrate and share those blessings with friends and family. Charmco, a company that specializes in gold charms, celebrates Thanksgiving with a variety of charms for the season. Shop with us today!


November is usually the first month we experience snow. Charmco celebrates this frozen beauty with its Winter Snowflake 14k Gold Charm. These gold snowflake charms are sure to be cherished by the snowbird in your family, whether the sport of choice is skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, or ice fishing. This Winter Snowflake 14k Gold Charm will be a delightfully unique charm to add to your loved one’s gold charms for bracelets.

Winter Snowflake 14k Gold Charm                                                                      

A perfect charm for the younger crowd, Charmco’s Snowman 4k Gold Charm uses two ivory pearls as the body and gold arms, hat, and bowtie to complete the look. This movable gold charm makes a great gift for the older crowd as well, reminding us all of our childhood making snowmen on snow days from school. Celebrate the season today with this Snowman 14k Gold Charm.

Snowman 14k Gold Charm

What’s the perfect ending to a big Thanksgiving meal? Apple pie! Charmco’s Diamond Apple 14k Gold Charm marks this ever-important dessert on such a special day. Characterized by a diamond in the stem, this Diamond Apple 14k Gold Charm is sure to evoke warm memories and good tasting-food. Celebrate Thanksgiving with this apple charm by Charmco.

Diamond Apple 14k Gold Charm

The quintessential charm for Thanksgiving is this Corn on the Cob 14k Gold Charm. Corn is native to North America, and the Native Americans of Massachusetts taught the Pilgrims how to grow corn and cultivate it — possibly the key to the Pilgrims’ survival in the New World. This symbol of Thanksgiving, harvest, and bounty is perfect for the farmer, gardener, or history buff in your family and is a great reminder of how far we’ve come.

Corn on the Cob 14k Gold Charm

If you’re looking for a historical twist to Thanksgiving with a charm that not most people would think of, try Charmco’s 14 charm of Oyster with Pearl 14k Gold Charm. The Pilgrims survived the first few years in the Massachusetts Bay Colony by digging clams on the beach. High in protein, iron, and other essential vitamins and minerals, clams gave valuable nutrition and health benefits to the Pilgrims they could not obtain elsewhere. This movable charm opens to reveal a perfect pearl. Pearls are the result of an irritant (usually a parasite) getting in the clam’s shell. The clam then coats the irritant with a fluid called nacre, forming a smooth surface and no longer irritating the clam. Hence, this is the perfect symbol of the Pilgrims’ foray into America: at first, life was hard and burdensome. However, after a few years, the life of freedom became a shining and valuable hope in the Pilgrims’ hearts. Order this gold charm for bracelet today!

Oyster with Pearl 14k Gold Charm

Another key crop that the Pilgrims had brought over with them from England was peas. Charmco’s Peas in a Pod 14k Gold Charm can commemorate such an important crop to the Pilgrims and to us today. Celebrate closeness with your loved ones as you give this Peas in a Pod gold charm for bracelets.

Peas in a Pod 14k Gold Charm


Charmco is passionate about capturing moments from everyday life with gold charms for bracelets. A memory is more than just a moment in time; a memory is what gives us the ability to learn, adapt, and form relationships. As we remember past experiences, we recall previous learned facts and experiences that we build upon. It is our memories that allow us to plan for the future and what actions we will take in the future that is part of what sets us apart from other species. In our memories is where our loved ones reside, and sometimes in the case of death, memory is the only place that person (or beloved pet) still lives besides the heart. Memory provokes emotions and gives life meaning. It forms bonds between people. When life is hard, it’s our memories that give us hope where otherwise there wouldn’t be any.

Memory is powerful, and Charmco celebrates and enables capturing memorable moment with its gold charms and vintage gold charms. Capture your special memories over the Thanksgiving holiday with gold charms by Charmco. Order online today!

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