Charm-ing the Spirits: A Spooky Season Soiree

Oct 27th 2023

Charm-ing the Spirits: A Spooky Season Soiree

By Charmco

Charms for Spooky Season

There's a moment, usually at twilight one evening sometime near the end of October, when autumn shifts from beautiful to eerie. The streets you walked those summer nights while the sun was still low in the sky late into the night are now dark before dinner. The breeze that cooled you in August now makes the hairs on the back of your neck prick. It can only mean one thing - Spooky Season has arrived. The rustling of fiery leaves and movement in the shadows also herald the arrival of a much-beloved festival – Halloween. A day steeped in history, rituals, and delightful scares, it's a holiday embraced by the young and old alike. At Charmco, we do Spooky Season a little differently - all treats and no tricks - and our treats are gilded.

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Ghosts of Yesteryears and Childhood Delights

Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, originally known as Samhain, has its roots anchored in ancient Celtic traditions. It was believed that during this time, the world of spirits and mortals blurred. This connection to the ethereal realm is playfully captured in the ghost charm. It's a little more Casper than Ghoul, which suits us just fine. As children, Halloween meant planning for weeks about what you would dress up as, the streets a sea of delightful costumes as we roamed our neighborhoods, bags in hand, chanting "trick or treat!" A ballerina drags her already fully trick-or-treat bag behind her, and, across the way, a family has dressed as the cast of The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy and scarecrow dutifully help their miniature Glinda by holding her magic wand while she digs through her candy.

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Evolving Halloween Celebrations

As we grow, our role in Halloween morphs and evolves. At some point, we (begrudgingly) move on from trick-or-treating. Teens find thrill in haunted houses and midnight horror double-features, often using the adrenaline-filled adventures as an excuse to cling a little closer to their crush. The bat charm or the sneaky little devil are apt symbols for these mischievous outings. As adults, we come full circle and find ourselves filling bowls of candy to pass out to the gaggles of giggling kiddos. Some dress up with our own children to head into the neighborhood to teach them about Halloween, eventually becoming the designated carrier of the pillowcase that's become leaden with sweet treats. We sneak a bag of M&Ms, the obligatory parent tax for the task.

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Amuck Amuck Amuck

It's not Spooky Season until you partake in one of the most beloved traditions: the binge-a-thon of movies that have played a pivotal role in shaping our Halloween experiences. Who could forget the enchanting yet mischievous Sanderson sisters from "Hocus Pocus"? Every time you glance at the flying witch on her broom, it's hard not to hum "I Put A Spell On You" and feel a touch of their magic. Adrenaline junkies lean into the thrill of the classic horror flicks. For them, we suggest our Ouija Board Charm, which isn't great for conjuring demons but excellent for conjuring compliments.

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Spectral Symbols and Night Creatures

We've gazed into our crystal ball and see your Spooky Season themed charm bracelet is coming together, but we need to round it out with some classics. The jack-'o-lantern, the glowing sentinels of Halloween nights, and the eerie skull charm are iconic symbols of All Hallows Eve. Creepy creatures and nocturnal mysteries like the bat, a sly black cat, or the artful spider weaving its web encapsulate the night's allure. Now, your bracelet is feeling festive!

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Candied Treasures of the Season

But amidst the playful scares and legends, Halloween remains a time of sweet treats alongside the tricks. Everyone has their favorite candy they hope to come home with after a long night of trick-or-treating. There's something exciting about dumping your bag on the floor of your living room as soon as you get home and sorting through your loot. A pile of treasured peanut butter cups, a handful of sour gummies, the controversial candy corn (you either love it or hate it), and the obligatory healthy treat from that one neighbor who gives out apples every year spread out over the room. Our treats, the gem candy, and the golden candy charm, don't give you cavities and last a lifetime, making them the ultimate spooky season treasure.

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The Witching Hour Approaches

Halloween's charm (pun intended) lies in its ageless appeal. As we grow, the holiday grows with us, adapting and transforming from youthful trick-or-treating adventures to haunted houses, horror movies, and glamourous spooky soirées. The beauty of Charmco's intricately crafted charms lies in their ability to capture the multifaceted essence of Halloween. So, as the witching hour approaches, drape yourself in these tales of old and new. Let the jingle of charms be your lullaby, signaling mischief and magic.

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