Guys, Get a Grip! Our Ultimate Guide to Gifting

Sep 14th 2023

Guys, Get a Grip! Our Ultimate Guide to Gifting

By Charmco

So You're Looking For A Gift...

Look, we get it. Sometimes, a special date creeps up on you because life gets in the way. But you are so much better than a last-minute gifter! We are here to help you plan ahead for all your future charm and jewelry gifts so you never again have to gift-wrap a photo of the charm that isn't going to make it in time because you forgot to factor in the extra time it takes to get engraved. Let's dig in!

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Work Backwards

Our best advice to determine when you should place your order is to work backward from the date you'll need the gift, factoring in extra time for customization if needed. Knowing your order could take at most two weeks to craft (depending on the complexity and customization of the piece), we advise you to give yourself ample time and remember to factor in shipping. We do offer expedited shipping options, but please know these do not expedite the production speed - it just means your piece will ship faster once it's completed. As the holidays approach and mail carriers get busier, it's also savvy to plan for delays on that end as well. Three weeks from the special date is a great timeline to keep in mind, four weeks if it is the holiday season.

Plan Ahead

No one wants to open a gift that feels like a rushed afterthought. You have all the important life events saved in your phone calendar, so stop leaving birthday and holiday gifts to the eleventh hour. Give yourself plenty of time to find the perfect gold or gemstone charm your loved one can add to their charm bracelet or necklace. At Charmco, our non-vintage pieces are made to order specially for you, so you never gift or receive something that's been gathering dust in a backroom. Because of this, charms take 7-10 business days to craft in our New York studio. If your piece is getting personalized, like with a custom engraving, that can add 3-5 more business days to the production timeline. You can't rush excellence!

Let Us Help You

We know not everyone is easy to shop for. Sure, you know your loved one covets jewelry and collects charms for their bracelet and necklace, but are you *positive* about which charm they want next? Do you know which designs they already have in their collection? (Kudos if you do!) We can take a peek at their customer file and make sure you aren't picking something they already have or make a suggestion based on their past purchases and wishlist. If this will be their first charm from us, we can also recommend the best "firsts" pieces to gift to kick off their collection. You'll look like a gifting hero, and they'll be delighted with the thought and effort you put into ensuring they get exactly what they hoped for.

If You Still Need a Last-Minute Gift...

For those few instances when the unavoidable has happened, we can still make their charm dreams come true. Opt for charms that do not need any customization, so there is no added time other than the 7-10 day lead time. Need it even faster? Go with vintage! Our vintage charms are all one-of-a-kind finds, PLUS they're all in stock and ready to ship. Select expedited shipping at checkout and wipe the stress sweat off your brow.

*A note on shipping: Our office is open 10 AM-5 PM Monday through Friday. We do not ship on weekends. Selecting expedited shipping for an in-stock item on a Friday will ship the following week.

You've Got This!

Leaving important and sentimental gifts to the last minute is a surefire way to stress yourself out and leave your loved one feeling like an afterthought. By planning ahead, having realistic expectations, and a little help from your fairy charm-mother (us), you'll be the gifting hero of every milestone and holiday. Now get gifting!

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