A Barbie-Inspired Charm Bracelet

Aug 9th 2023

A Barbie-Inspired Charm Bracelet

By Charmco

Hi, Barbie!

We bet you're getting up to something exciting today, like starting a new job, having a beach party with Skipper, Midge, Allan, and Ken, or tackling the patriarchy. Well, you'll need the right outfit and, most importantly, accessories! Let's build you a charm bracelet worthy of your Barbie World.

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The Bracelet

We know you have a heart of gold, but now your wrist can match with our 14 Karat Gold Heart Link Charm Bracelet! Each solid link is shaped like a heart and is perfect for hanging charms. This darling gold bracelet makes the ideal foundation for the Barbie charm bracelet of your dreams, filled with love, glam, a splash of adventure, and, of course, lots of pink!

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Love You, Barbie!

Nothing says Barbie like loving yourself, loving your friends, and filling each day with positivity. Let's capture this with our heart charms. Our Blissed Out Heart with Pink Sapphire and Ruby Heart Charm are all about those warm, fuzzy feelings and bring a bright pop of your signature color to your bracelet. Surprise Midge and Skipper with charms of their own for their friendship bracelets!

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I'm a Barbie Girl

Barbie, you're more than a doll; you're an icon! The Pink Tourmaline Charm is the perfect pop of iconic Barbie pink with a simple, sleek bezel-set gemstone. Use Diamond Initial Charms to spell out B-A-R-B-I-E in sparkles or rock a "B" monogram with the Diamond Initial Disc Charm. With your strong sense of self and contagious radiant energy, these charms are made for you.

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In a Barbie World

Welcome to Barbie World, where your Dream House is filled with all your favorite things, like 3,487 pairs of shoes, a slide down to your pool, and a magic closet. Swipe on your go-to Lipstick, fill your Handbag with all your essentials, pop on your favorite High Heels, and grab a Cupcake for breakfast on your way out! These playful charms are as colorful and fun as your world.

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Barbie + Friends Go to the Beach

Barbie, your friendships are as legendary as your dance parties. Let's round up the crew and head to the beach! Your charm bracelet should capture the joy and fun you always have in the sand and sea. Our favs are the Mermaid Charm (is it just us, or does Mermaid Barbie look *just* like Dua Lipa?), the Palm Tree, and a pair of iconic Sunnies. We're sure Ken is already hitting the surf or hanging around the lifeguard stand flexing after his jam session at the Mojo Dojo Casa House.

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Girl Power

Barbie, you show us every day that you can be anything and do anything, from becoming the first female president or sitting in your feels after a rough day. Our Kick-Ass Girl Charm embodies your empowerment, while the Happy Pill Charm reminds us it's okay not to be perfect. No matter what you're conquering, whether it's stereotypes or the couch, you always do it in style.

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There you have it, Barbie. Your custom charm bracelet is as vibrant, multifaceted, and fun as you are! From shattering the glass ceiling to belting Indigo Girls in your convertible, you're now adorned with a signature charm bracelet worthy of your Barbie World. Now go out there and make a little girl feel powerful. It's a tradition, after all!

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