A Charmed Summer Vacation

Jun 28th 2024

A Charmed Summer Vacation

By Charmco

School's Out for Summer

Ah, summer! There's just something magical about trading in your snow boots for flip-flops and your hot cocoa for ice cream cones. Summer is synonymous with freedom and fun–when the days stretch long, and memories are made under the sun and stars. At Charmco, we have curated a collection of gold charms that perfectly capture the essence of these idyllic days. Whether you're lounging by the ocean, getting active, or just chilling in your backyard, let's dive into the charms that make summer truly unforgettable.

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Sunny Day Essentials

Every summer adventure needs its essentials. Start with your trusty tote bag that you have undoubtedly personalized with either your monogram or a funny quip. Load it up with your chic sunglasses, your summer beach read (or four), a scrunchie, and your go-to flip flops. Grab your beach chair if you're headed to the beach, or roll up a blanket or towel if you're a city gal lounging in her local park. Make sure your camera has film (or the battery is charged) so you can capture all the memories, and grab your headphones to blast your perfectly curated summer playlist. Now, we're about to sound like your mother, but please remember to pile on the SPF and bring a water bottle to stay hydrated!

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Sweet as Summer

Nothing says summer like the flavors that define it. Savor the season with the only popsicle that won't dribble down your arm as it melts. Whether you're team vanilla scoop, strawberry scoop, or all 30 flavors, our ice cream cone charms are simply the sweetest (pun intended). Summer has the best seasonal fruits, so head to your local farmers market and stock up on fresh lemons and citrus, or find a farm to go strawberry picking.

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Sporting Summer

There are two types of summer sports people: those who watch and those who play. For our loungers, let's head to the ballpark, a quintessential summer pastime. Lucky enough to catch a fly ball? Well, you should memorialize it with our baseball charm! While you snack on ballpark hot dogs and soft pretzels and cheer on your home team, you might get a little nostalgic for those summers long ago when you played catch in your backyard. Now, for our summer athletes: if you aren't playing pickleball, you just aren't doing summer right. Whoever wins this summer's tournament (we know you have one) deserves a 14 karat gold pickleball paddle charm as their trophy. Don't worry; we also have a tennis racquet charm for our Wimbledon fans and a personalizable trophy charm for bragging rights.

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Get Outdoors

Summer evokes childhood memories when you'd wake up with the sun, eat breakfast, then grab your bike and jet out of the house to play with your friends until supper time. Our bike charm is the perfect nod to those carefree days when the neighbors knew which house the kids were paying at based on the pile of bikes in the front yard. We spent every second outside, lying under sunflowers as tall as trees, swimming at the local pool, only driven inside by those fluke summer thunderstorms that felt magical instead of scary.

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Summer Shenanigans

Of course, as we grew up, summer was the perfect season to get into some harmless mischief. When days grew hot, who didn't sneak into the movie theater for a double feature and to fill up on popcorn just because they had the strongest air conditioning? Once that first friend got their driver's license, all the local teens could be found piled into the back of their pickup, blasting music as if they were trying to go deaf. Whoever was the first friend to have a sibling turn 21 or head to college, their summers were swiftly accompanied by an aroma of cheap beer and an herb they swore was just hemp.

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I Had the Time of My Life

As the summer days fly by, these gold charms provide a way to hold onto those fleeting moments and serve as lasting reminders of the joys and adventures that define the season of the sun. Whether lounging by the beach or exploring new cities, let these charms be your companions in making this summer unforgettable. Now, it's time to reapply your SPF; you don't want to burn!

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