Time to Say “I do”

Jun 23rd 2021

Time to Say “I do”

By Charmco

Wedding Season is back in full swing! After a year of paused celebrations and intimate ceremonies couples are ready to enjoy their special day with their friends and loved ones.

Weddings provide many opportunities to show your love and appreciation to the special people in your life through gift-giving. Make your wedding extra memorable by giving beautiful, timeless custom wedding charms to your parents, parents-to-be, wedding party, and even grandparents. Say “thank you” to your maid-of-honor and bridesmaids with personalized charms like zodiac signs, names or initials, or hobby or place you share. A charm bracelet is also the perfect bridal shower gift, marking the moment with a personalized memento of what makes your bride-to-be truly unique.

Need some inspiration for your wedding gifts? Here’s our top charm choices for this busy wedding season!

Custom Calendar with Diamond 14K Gold Charm

Charmco's own signature custom calendar is an engravable charm created especially for you! The date, year, and month are engraved across the top in the traditional style, and a diamond is placed on the day of the week you want to commemorate. This is the perfect way to celebrate a couple’s first kiss, engagement day or wedding day. The design gives you the option to engrave the back with a special message, too. This is a classic bestseller, and one of our favorites!

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Engagement Ring 14K Gold Charm

This engagement ring charm features one sparkling carat of cubic zirconia but we won't tell. Getting engaged is a great moment and our petite engagement ring charm is symbolic of that unforgettable event!

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Lovestruck Diamond Heart 14K Gold Charm

This lovely heart is a classic lovestruck style; arrow piercing the heart. According to legend, when Cupid's arrow pierces your heart, you fall in love with whomever you are gazing at that moment. Charmco's newest love charm features an arrow set with five Diamonds. Gift to the one who has written her name on your heart and changed you forever.

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"Just Married" Wedding Cake 14K Gold Charm

Take a slice of the memories from your special day with our wedding cake charm. This gold enameled charm has white frosting, gold piping, and the bottom reads “Just Married” in gold script. This is the perfect gift for the newlywed in your life. The most important cake of your life captured in gold.

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Champagne Bottle 14K Gold Charm

This 14k champagne bottle charm features a black enamel label with "Champagne" written in elegant script. It’s time to celebrate with this most classic of all celebration charms, a solid gold bottle of bubbly!

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Large Toasting Glasses 14k Gold Charm

This larger 14k champagne toast or martini cheers charm celebrates the grand moments in life; an anniversary, a wedding day, or an achievement. There's much to celebrate with this beautiful larger scale clinking glasses charm. A celebration charm that toasts to life. Cheers babe!

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Claddagh 14K Gold Charm

This 14k Claddagh charm is a classic Irish symbol charm compromising love (the heart), friendship (the hands) and loyalty (the crown). A modern symbol of Ireland and Irish identity.

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Vintage Church with Rings Inside 14k Gold Charm

Open the front door of this charming chapel to find a set of rings inside! A Diamond set engagement ring and gold wedding band signify the commitment and bond of marriage

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Eiffel Tower 14K Gold Charm

The planning and party are’s time to relax as newlyweds! The City of Lights—or of Love, is one of the most classic of all honeymoon destinations. Paris, France has a reputation for the start of countless love stories and for being one of the most romantic cities in the world to propose. This classic Eiffel Charm perfectly represents a French honeymoon which is always romantic and never goes out of style.

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Enjoy the Big Day!



Wedding Season is back in full swing!