Gold Charms for the Holidays

Dec 3rd 2018

Gold Charms for the Holidays

By Charmco

Snowflakes flurry, shoppers hurry, and you worry. The holidays are upon us and your to-do list only seems to be growing. From studying for exams, shuttling kids to school and back, shopping for your holiday party, designing your Christmas cards, and hanging stockings, where’s the time to shop for all your loved ones and buy them meaningful gifts?

In the joy of the holiday season, many of us struggle with what to get our loved ones. What do you get someone who has everything they need and has minimal wants? You could give a gift card, which is easy to buy and give but doesn’t say much about the person or how you feel for them. And once the gift card is gone, odds are that person won’t think much about your gift again.

Charmco, a company that specializes in making gold charms of many varieties, from small gold charms to vintage charms, believes giving a charm necklace or charm bracelet for the holidays is one of the best gifts. Charm necklaces can be personalized, choosing from a wide array of charms that speak to the person’s life, such as travel charms, sports charms, and love charms. Charms can be engraved, making the charm even more memorable for the occasion. Gold charm necklaces are unique with no two exactly the same.

With hundreds of charms to choose from, Charmco today will highlight some of our holiday charms. However, please browse our site for many more that will speak to your loved one’s heart. Visit us online today!


Classic in its design, our Candy Cane 14k Gold Charm is perfect for the holiday season. The perfect pick-me-up treat as well as a fabulous tree decoration, this 14k Gold Candy Cane Charm is sure to sweeten up any stocking! Exquisite in detail, order your Candy Cane 14k Gold Charm for your gold charm necklace today!

Want to make this Hanukkah memorable? Charmco’s Vintage Movable Mezzuzah 18K Gold Charm features a door that opens to reveal a paper with the Hebrew word of God engraved on it. Mezzuzahs are symbols of protection for the Jewish people, a decorative case containing parchment called klaf with writings on it from the Torah. Mezzuzahs are affixed to the doorways of rooms throughout the house to fulfill the mitzvah to "write the words of God on the gates and doorposts of your house" (Deuteronomy 6:9). This Vintage Mezzuzah 18k Gold Charm is a perfect reminder for the season.

Vintage Movable Mezzuzah 18k Gold Charm

Every year, do you cut your own Christmas tree? Remember the occasion with Charmco’s Christmas Tree 14k Gold Engravable Charm. The quintessential symbol of Christmas, this Gold Charm Christmas Tree is simple in design, yet lovely in branch details. Originally used by people about 1000 years ago during winter festivals, Christmas tree branches were used to decorate homes and temples during the winter solstice. The first trees considered to be Christmas Trees were put up in town squares during the Middle Ages in Estonia and Latvia for celebrations. We have Prince Albert to thank who placed a Christmas Tree in Windsor Castle in 1841, which spread the tradition worldwide. Charmco’s Christmas Tree Stand is engraveable with the date to remember this special day.

Another engraveable gold charm by Charmco is the Holiday Angel 14k Gold Charm. Simple and elegant, this Angel Gold Charm can be engraved with a date, three initials, or a short name or phrase. This Holiday Angel 14k Gold Charm is a perfect gift for the guardian angel in your life or your own sweet little angel and can be the centerpiece of your gold charm necklace or another gold bracelet charm.

Charmco’s Creche – Nativity Scene 14k Gold Charm is amazing in its detail and a perfect representation of the birth of Jesus. Born in a manger on Christmas Day, Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas, and unknowingly, the gifts from the Three Magi are the reason we give gifts to our loved ones as well. This Nativity Scene 14k Gold Charm features Jesus in the middle surrounded by his parents, Mary and Joseph, as well as the animals in the manger. Sure to surprise your loved ones on Christmas Day, this Nativity Scene Gold Charm is the perfect memory for a charm bracelet.

Charmco offers vintage charms, small gold charms, gold bracelet charms, and gold charm necklaces. For this holiday season, choose a charm that will warm your loved one’s heart from our huge selection. Whether it’s a charm to mark the season, one to celebrate a birthday, or one to remember a loved one, Charmco has charms for everyone. Visit us online today!