The Secret Meanings of Charms

Dec 14th 2020

The Secret Meanings of Charms

By Charmco

Many people choose to wear charms not only because they are beautiful, but also because they carry deep symbolic meaning. In a recent blog post, we discussed the history of charm bracelets, and how, from the very beginnings of human civilization, people wore charms as a way to ward off evil spirits, bring good fortune, and commemorate special times. Even from these earliest moments, charms carried the power to represent so much more than what first meets the eye.

In this blog post, we discuss some of the most popular charms of all time, and their secret meanings. Read on to discover what some of your favorite charms may symbolize, then browse our selection of hundreds of 14K gold charms to discover the perfect gift for yourself or someone special to you.


Anchors are a symbol for security and stability, even in turbulent times. Anchor charms make great reminders for those facing adversity that there is calm in the sea of life’s journeys.


An angel charm provides the wearer with their own little guardian to look out for them when times are difficult. They offer a sense of protection and spirituality.


As with compass charms, arrow charms instill a sense of direction and purpose for those looking to find their path in life.


Bears have long been powerful symbols of strength, courage, and leadership. They also make the perfect charm for new mothers, as they represent the wearer’s fierce devotion to their cubs.


Birds are a reminder of freedom, as well as perspective. They are ideal for those who have just liberated themselves from a difficult situation or those who need a reminder that things are not only one way.


Butterflies symbolize transformation and positive change, and are great charms for those going through important events in life, such as coming-of-age ceremonies.


Coins have long been a symbol of prosperity, wealth, and fortune. They can help those going through difficult financial times feel that good luck is just around the bend.

Crescent moon:

This spiritual charm is another powerful symbol of transformation, change, and direction.


For women especially, daggers can provide a sense of strength, courage, and fierce independence.


This universal symbol of peace and tranquility is perfect for those who preach love instead of war.


Elephants are a long-standing symbol of wisdom, luck, and strength.

Evil eye:

One of the oldest charms, evil eyes are not only stunningly beautiful and interesting but are also said to provide the wearer with protection from negative spirits.


Feather charms can symbolize spiritual ascension to a higher plane, as well as celestial wisdom.


In addition to being a covert symbol for Christianity during ancient times, fish also universally symbolize good luck, prosperity, and positivity.


Especially when presented alongside thorns, flowers may symbolize overcoming life’s adversities. They are also the perfect representation of blossoming in abundance, which makes them another great charm for transformative celebrations, such as coming-of-age rituals. Also, who doesn’t love a flower charm for its beauty alone? They make perfect tokens of love and friendship.

Four-leaf clover:

Anyone who’s Irish or grew up with Lucky Charms cereal knows that this charm is a universal symbol for good luck!

Full moon:

Full moons symbolize intuition, clarity, and wisdom, especially after a period of transformation.


Giraffes symbolize elegance and grace, and are said to bring intuition as your reach for your ambitions.

Hamsa(Hand of Fatima):

Another ancient symbol, the Hand of Fatima is said to provide the wearer with not only protection from harm, but also good luck. It is also a powerful symbol of femininity.


This is another easy one — love and affection!


This classic charm is not only said to provide good luck, but also can offer protection from danger and connection with Mother Nature.


Horseshoes make the perfect charm not only for horse lovers, but also those looking for a charm that symbolizes luck, prosperity, and protection on your travels.


One of our most popular charms, keys may symbolize knowledge, mystery, and initiation. They also make for very romantic charms, as the symbolic key to the gift-giver’s heart.


Another popular charm, ladybugs are said to provide good luck and protection.


The mighty lion has long symbolized strength, courage, and integrity.


Lotuses make great charms for those who overcome periods of adversity in their mind or body, as they represent rebirth, and purity. As the Buddhist monk and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh often says, “no mud, not lotus.”


Those with a love for the sea will appreciate this beautiful symbol of sacred femininity.


As the loyal sidekick of the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena, owls may symbolize ancient wisdom and foresight.


Shells are believed to have protective energies and may bring renewal and protection.


Scarabs are popular Egyptian amulets that are said to provide the wearer with transformation, resurrection, and protection in the afterlife.


Like arrows, starts offer the wearer a sense of guidance and direction, especially as you reach for your dreams.


As a symbol of optimism and creativity, sun charms are perfect for those who bring a positive energy to your life.


Nature lovers will appreciate this symbol of endurance, adaptability, immortality, enlightenment, and connection with the Earth.


Wishbones may help the wearer’s wishes come true, as the legend goes that if two people tug on a wishbone, the one who gets the longer side has the wish granted. While our wishbone charms don’t break, they can still provide good fortune!

Give Yourself or Others a Truly Charming Gift

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Charms represent so much more than what meets the eye...