How to Style with Charm Connectors & Clasps

May 11th 2023

How to Style with Charm Connectors & Clasps

By Charmco

Charm Clasps + Charm Connectors

Does this sound familiar - you have a charm bracelet or necklace and wish you could swap your charms between them? You may have a charm you'd love to be able to style more than one way or have a charm necklace and want to add a new charm, but you don't want the charms to overlap. We have solutions for you! Yes, plural. From charm clasps, charm clickers, and connectors - don't worry - you've got options!

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Classic Charm Clasps

For those wanting to move their charms between pieces, we love our charm clasps. Our classic 14 karat gold charm clasp looks like a traditional lobster clasp, but you'll notice it has something special: a mini jump ring on the bottom. Instead of having to solder your charm permanently to a chain, we'll attach it to this charm clasp, which becomes the charm's jump ring. The clasp opens and snaps closed easily (not so much it will catch and open while you're wearing it, don't worry!), so you can style it any way you like. At 11mm in length, the charm clasp is the perfect size to pair with any of our gold charms. We also have a diamond charm clasp for those wanting extra sparkle. Both clasps can attach to any of our link chains just like a traditional charm would, as well as hang on them like pendants.

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Charm Connectors

Our Diamond Heart Connector sparkles with round brilliant diamonds and hinges to click shut securely. This charming connector is lovely enough to act as a charm itself or for styling others in your collection. For those with sizable chains, our connectors can attach to the ends and act as the clasp, but they are pretty enough to wear in the front. Use the clicker to connect the ends of a chain and then hang a charm or few on it to create a pendant necklace.

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The Charm Lock

Our favorite multi-tasker, our 14 karat gold Engravable Charm Lock can be a charm, a charm clasp, or both! This playful lock charm looks just like a padlock and operates the same (but don't worry, you don't need a key). When purchasing, you can select your attachment style just as you would any of our other charms. While the lock can open and close like our connectors, it will also come with a jump ring. If you want to use it interchangeably between pieces, we recommend sliding the jump ring off and just using the charm itself to connect to your bracelet or necklace. On the other hand, if you don't plan on moving it from piece to piece, we can solder it if you'd like it attached to a bracelet or necklace. Either way, the padlock charm connects to any chain as well as holds another charm. Plus, it's engravable so that you can personalize yours even further.

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If you have multiple charms you'd like to wear together but hate they overlap each other, our connectors can help make them each stand out. Our charm clasps and clickers can hang on your everyday charm bracelet or favorite charm necklace and add a little length. The extra length lets you hang a charm (or charms!) from them so they will lay slightly beneath the charms connected to or hanging directly on your chain. No more overlapping charms you have to sift through to see!

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What's Next?

As you can see, your styling options are endless. If you'd like a charm clasp instead of the classic jump ring, add both your charm and the clasp to your cart, and we'll know to connect them for you. If you are buying multiple charms and want them all to have charm clasps, be sure to add a clasp per charm you are purchasing. We will not solder charms to the diamond heart connector. Instead, we recommend choosing the "close my jump ring" option on the charm, so you can slide it on and off the connectors. Have any questions? Don't hesitate to email or chat with us so we can help you build your dream charm collection. Happy styling!

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