How to Choose Your Charm Attachment Style

Apr 6th 2023

How to Choose Your Charm Attachment Style

By Charmco

Is there anything more exciting than adding a new charm to your collection? Perhaps this is your first purchase, and you are just starting your charm bracelet or necklace. Either way, you will be asked to select an "attachment" regarding your charm's jump ring before checking out, and we're here to help you choose the best option to suit your needs.

First, let's clarify what precisely a jump ring is. A jump ring is a 14 karat gold loop at the top of the charm that attaches it to a bracelet or chain. The jump ring on all Charmco charms has a 6mm opening, allowing it to be connected to most chains and bracelets. The "default setting," if you will, of the jump rings on our charms is "open," meaning there is a tiny gap in the ring—the two ends of the jump ring rest against each other. If you are purchasing a vintage charm, we will ship it with the original jump ring. If the charm is particularly large or heavy, we will update the jump ring to the appropriate size for longevity.

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When shopping, you will see there are four options for attachment. The first option is "Attach to bracelet in my cart ($10)". This is perfect for anyone beginning a new charm bracelet. Attaching your charm(s) means soldering it to your bracelet. Soldering is the process of closing the jump ring permanently, creating a seamless loop so that the charm will stay securely on your bracelet without the risk of falling off. We offer a wide array of 14 karat gold bracelet styles, which can be found here. Once you have selected your bracelet and added it to your cart, you can opt to have any charms you are also purchasing attached to your new charm bracelet. If you are particular about where on the bracelet you'd like your new charm(s) placed, use the notes section at checkout to let our team know. Otherwise, our expert charm stylists will solder a single charm to the bracelet's center or balance multiple charms evenly throughout. Please note soldering will add one to two business days to the processing time of your order.

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Let's say you're purchasing a charm with a chain to create a necklace. (Love that for you, by the way!) Several of our chains are classic, delicate cable chains you can slide a charm right onto. If you want your charm to hang on the chain like a pendant, we recommend choosing "Attach to necklace in my cart ($10)" from the dropdown menu. The jump ring will be soldered shut, and our team will slide the charm on your new chain before shipment. Your charm(s) will move freely on the chain like a pendant. Please note, however, some chains are thicker, meaning the opening of the jump ring is not wide enough to slide on, and the charm will need to be soldered onto the chain. Chains like our Amelia Trombone Chain are perfect for creating the look of a charm bracelet on a necklace, where the charms are soldered to individual links and do not slide freely. Other chains, like the Alexis and Lila, are delicate enough to allow for charms to slide on but feature wide enough links to solder charms to - the choice is yours! Again, you can use the notes section at checkout to specify if you’d like the charm to slide on or be attached and to let us know where you'd like the charm(s) attached; otherwise, our stylists will solder a single charm to the necklace's center or spread multiple charms evenly throughout. If you are soldering your charms, we recommend odd numbers for a balanced look.

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If you plan to wear your charm as a pendant and already have a chain, choosing "Close the jump ring for me ($10)" is the ideal option. We'd suggest measuring the end of your chain to ensure it will fit through the opening of the jump ring. Our jump rings measure 6mm, for reference. If you need a larger jump ring with a wider opening, reach out to us, and we can special order it for you. Please note special orders can take an additional 3–5 business days or more during the busy holiday season.

You might opt to select "Leave the jump ring open for me" if you already have a bracelet or chain and prefer to bring your charm to your local jeweler to have it soldered on. Leaving the jump ring open will also allow you to switch your charm's location on a bracelet or move it from piece to piece. However, please note an open jump ring open leaves room for the charm to catch and snag on something or even fall off your chain or bracelet. Therefore, we generally do not recommend leaving the jump ring open if you plan to wear the charm and instead recommend having the jump ring soldered shut by your preferred local jeweler. Of course, you can always contact our team to coordinate shipping your bracelet or necklace to us for soldering as well.

We hope this post helped you find the best attachment style for you and your charm collection. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out! We love nothing more than helping our amazing customers curate and style their dream charm bracelets and necklaces.

How to Choose Your Charm Attachment Style