Custom Charm Bracelets: Memories You'll Have for a Lifetime

Jul 18th 2018

Custom Charm Bracelets: Memories You'll Have for a Lifetime

By Charmco

With life, comes experiences. With experiences, comes memories.

Throughout history, humans have developed different ways to commemorate special occasions and remember special, valued moments. The ancient Egyptians spent decades building huge pyramids to remember and celebrate their past rulers and to ensure their journey to the afterlife was complete. The Romans built temples and statues to remember and celebrate their gods and goddesses and emperors. The Aztecs build pyramids to remember and celebrate their gods. England has the statue of Horatio Nelson to remember the battle of Trafalgar Square. America has the Lincoln Memorial so Americans will never forget the man who kept the United States united.

These are examples of communities celebrating and remembering people and gods they share.

But how can we as individuals celebrate and remember the special moments in our lives? What token can we give or keep to remind us of the happy occasions in our lives, a special trip, or a solemn occasion? How can we mark where we’ve come from or what adversity we’ve traveled through?

The Answer is Simple: Charms.

Charmco’s passion is to bring the highest quality and the most diverse selection of charms to you. We pride ourselves in our selection, which includes vintage charms and modern designs, and our styles and ability to personalize our charms, making it meaningful to you. We are constantly adding new designs, some of which are developed from your suggestions. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us today!

Celebrate all those special moments in your life: graduation, getting married, having a baby, getting a pet, winning an event, celebrating a birthday or a holiday, getting baptized, and more — the list goes on and on.

Why Charms? 

Why not some other token like a photo or a certificate? Won’t that suffice? Being an item you wear daily, charms will remind you on a regular basis of those special moments we all tend to forget but truthfully, we all need to remember on a more frequent basis. Rough day at school or work? Perhaps your “You are my cup of tea” will remind you of the person who gave you that charm--perhaps someone special in your life.

Your pet passed away? Remember him or her with our custom pet photo gold charm. Flat tire by the side of the road? Perhaps your “Eiffel Tower charm with rubies and sapphires” will bring a smile to your face while you await the tow man. 

Eiffel Tower Charm with Rubies and Sapphires

For all those unexpected moments in our lives when we wonder “why me” and all those inopportune events when we question our lives, charms will evoke warm, wonderful feelings of those cherished memories we spent with the people in our lives who mean the most.

Charms are more than gold...

Charms are more than the gold they are made from. They are the sentimental memories that make us who we are. They are our hearts hung on a chain.They are encased memories to be released when we need them the most. They contain our loved ones’ spirit, which goes where we go. Visit Charmco today and start creating and sharing memories in your life and with the ones you love!