Charms As Family Heirlooms

Jun 12th 2016

Charms As Family Heirlooms

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In recent posts we have detailed the amount of love we have for gold charms. We love them for their history as “good luck charms,” and for their ways of expressing who we are, what we do and what we love. Gold charms are wonderful for a multitude of reasons. Whether they serve as representations of you, or you love to give them as gifts to your loved ones, there are many reasons to love gold charms. One purpose they are great for is family heirlooms that you can pass down through generations.

As charms became popular in the 50’s, it could be a tradition that your family has already started. However, for those of us that haven’t started a charm collection in the family, now is the time. Let’s just say we have started the collection with mother.

It all began on her last birthday when she turned 40. As a gift you and your sisters decided to buy mom a gold charm bracelet, with a few engravable charms that she would love and adore forever. As the years have gone by, you helped your mom to create a complete charm collection that she can pass down to your daughter.

Fast forward 15 years. You are now a mother yourself, and your mother and sisters have given you gold charms that represent your new little addition to your family, and it’s a charm that you’ll never forget. Not only that, your mother now wants to pass down her charm collection to your daughter, and it will be hers to keep, and to remember the grandmother that loves her so much.

Fast forward ten years. Your once little baby is now a young girl. She opens up her birthday gift to find a gold charm bracelet that was her grandmothers. It has gold charms that represent the woman that she was, the accomplishments she made, and the people that she touched. Not only does she have a great gift for her birthday, but she now has a bracelet that she can add to on her own, as well as represent one of the women that shaped her.

Gold charms as family heirlooms are a great way to utilize, and keep your gold charms throughout your life. Passing them on to the young ones in your family is a great way to start a tradition, and pass on the memory of those that came before them. For gold charms that represent you, your hobbies and your loved ones, look no further than Charmco and start your charm collection today.