Celebrate Your New Graduate with Gold Charms

Jun 3rd 2019

Celebrate Your New Graduate with Gold Charms

By Charmco

Spring is a time of renewal, when the daffodils burst forth, declaring their beauty for all to see (especially the bees). It’s a time of home improvement projects and a time to get out your favorite summer apparel. The days are lengthening, and the sun is life-giving. For many of us, the coming of June means we will be seeing a beloved son, daughter, or loved one graduate from high school or college and enter his or her next phase in life. It’s a time to celebrate his or her accomplishments, and send him or her off with well-wishes for the future.

One unique way to celebrate your loved one’s graduation is with small gold charms from Charmco. Charmco specializes in charm necklaces and gold bracelet charms, all 14k gold charms that are not only beautiful to wear, but they also serve as a great memento of your special occasion. Below are some of our favorite gold charms for charm bracelets. Order yours today!


For new college graduates, the world is now open to infinite possibilities for them. After working hard for four years, they are ready to take on the world. Mark the occasion with Charmco’s signature gold charms for charm bracelets that are engravable for your particular university. For example, our Vintage Blue Enamel Engravable Yale 14K Gold Charm is engravable with the graduation year or the student’s name. This unique graduation gift will bring memories for a lifetime.

Vintage Blue Enamel Engravable Yale 14K Gold Charm

All of our vintage college and graduation charms are made specifically to reflect the university and can be engraved accordingly. Browse our College & Graduation section where you’ll find Vintage Enamel University of Illinois 10K Gold Charm, decorated in the school colors of the fighting Illini, or Vintage Brandeis University 14k Gold Charm, featuring Brandeis’ school seal, and dozens of other university gold charms. A perfect gold charm for charm bracelet for your college graduate.

Vintage Brandeis University 14k Gold Charm

Looking for a small gold charm for charm bracelet that is more traditional and is perfect for a high school graduate? Charmco’s Graduation Cap 14K Gold Engravable Charm is engravable with the name of the student and the graduation year or name of the school. This small gold charm is also a movable charm as the tassel moves.

Nothing quite speaks of graduation like the graduation cap, also known as a mortarboard because it resembles the tool that masons use to hold mortar. Students and artists predominantly wore these graduation caps in the 14th and 15th centuries and signified superiority and intelligence. However, you can thank the United States Naval Academy for the tradition of throwing your graduation cap in the air after graduation. First done 1912, the hat was thrown because it was no longer needed, not because it signifies a new chapter in a graduate’s life like it does today.

Want to capture the diploma in all its glory, which is the whole reason you go to graduation is to receive this precious piece of paper? Charmco’s Diploma 14k Gold Engravable Charm can be personalized with the name of the school and date of graduation. A perfect small gold charm for your charm bracelet, this charm will say it all. You can choose your style of lettering and, as always, you can choose this small gold charm in yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold.

Looking for a small gold charm to celebrate graduation that has a more broad appeal? Look no further than Charmco’s Large Book 14K Gold Engravable Charm. With this small gold charm for your charm bracelet, you can still personalize this charm to commemorate graduation with the name of the graduate, school, and year, or you can perhaps engrave it with the name of a very impactful book for your graduate. This 14k gold charm can be paired withour pen charm for a matching set.


Whether your son, daughter, or niece or nephew is graduating and you want to give them something special as they embark on a new phase in their life, or you are traveling to Paris or Amsterdam and want to remember the occasion, Charmco offers a small gold charm for your charm bracelet to celebrate all the special events in your life. Order yours today!