New Charms? Follow These Charm Care Tips

Dec 6th 2016

New Charms? Follow These Charm Care Tips

By Charmco

The Importance of Charm Care

Christmas has come and gone and you have new gold charms to add to your charm collection. If this is your first time getting gold charms, there are some things that you should know about charm care. Here are some of the best tips for caring for you charms and keeping them in a “like-new” state.

Caring for Your Charms

The delicate custom charms from Charm CO are high quality, but require extra care. Why is this? Our charms are made with real gold and precious stones and to keep them looking their best, it’s important to care for your high quality charms with some of these charm care tips.

Keep Them Clean

Over time, you charms can begin to collects dust and grime from everyday wear and from lotions you wear on a day-to-day basis. Cleaning this dinge off of your charms will keep them looking shiny and new. Simply use a detergent-free soap and a toothbrush to clean between the small nooks and crannies of your charms. Gently scrub the dirt on your charms away and make sure they dry thoroughly. Water left on the charms can weaken the integrity of the metal.

Solder All Your Charms

Making sure that your charms are soldered on is extremely important. If you cherish each charm on your bracelet (and we’re sure you do), have every single one soldered to your charm bracelet. Charms with jump rings are secure, but everyday wear can cause the rings to open and fall off the bracelet. This is the best way to ensure your charms remain on your charm bracelet.

Choose Wisely

An important aspect of taking care of your charms well is choosing when and where to wear your charms. If you have a job working with your hands, avoid wearing your bracelet to work. It’s also smart to take your bracelet off before any strenuous activity such as playing a sport like tennis, or anything athletic such as swimming or hiking. You wouldn’t want to damage your charms or lose them right?

Properly Store Your Charms

Speaking of not wearing your charm bracelet, any time you’re not wearing your bracelet it should be stored properly. Instead of throwing it in a jewelry box, why not invest in a bracelet holder so it can hang safely and avoid potential breakage or damage.

Why Is This Important?

Custom gold charms are collectible items. Over time, as your collection of gold charms begins to grow, your charms become sentimental time capsules from every year. As you continue to collect charms, it’s important to take care of each and every one of them as they can also serve as family heirlooms. Gold charm bracelets and charms can be passed down through generations as gifts for some of the biggest moments in our lives.

Taking care of your gold charms over the years will ensure their quality and beauty, and when you choose to pass down your charm bracelet to your daughter or granddaughter, your charm bracelet and charm collection will be as beautiful as the first day you wore them. Check out the gold charms from Charm CO. now and start building your charm collection today.