Mom's Day Gift Guide

Apr 29th 2022

Mom's Day Gift Guide

It's time to spoil your leading lady, Mom! Whether you’re shopping for your mom, a close friend who just had a child, or the mom of a furry baby - the best Mother’s Day gifts are those that are carefully thought out. You’ll be able to truly show your appreciation for all they do by looking for items that speak to their personalities and interests. The things that bring joy to her day. No matter her personality or style, celebrating all the wonderful mothers in your life with a charm is a no-fail gift idea. Shop the whole Mother's Day collection.

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Do Not Disturb, 14k Gold Sleep Mask

Give mom a well-deserved break!

Sleeping is one of the most vital things you can do to stay healthy, so we made this gold charm to remind you to get your beauty rest whether you're at home or traveling! This charm is the perfect gift for a napping queen or someone who is always on the go and needs a gentle reminder to get some rest.

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Butterfly with Sapphires 14K Gold Charm

Moms are special and unique like butterflies!

Often viewed as a symbol of peace and metamorphosis, this 14k gold pink butterfly charm celebrates change and the beauty found in nature. Gift this sapphire set sparkling charm to your butterfly.

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Baby Shoes with Diamonds 14K Gold Charm

A classic must-have for a new mom!

Personalize these 14k diamond set baby shoes charm for the classic new mommy present Engrave baby's name or initials on one shoe, and birth date on the other shoe.

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Custom Baby Photo 14K Gold Charm

Keep those little faces close to you all day long!

Send in a picture of your littlest loved one, and we will have a custom 14k gold charm created from your image. Engrave the back with baby's name or birthdate for a personalized treasure. Each baby charm will be a slightly different style and shape as we trace the lines of the photo. Keep that memory forever marked in gold with this adorable and popular custom baby face charm. Please send your photo in jpeg format to after placing the order. We will contact you with any questions.

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Diamond Set Taurus Constellation 14K Gold Charm

Gift her the gift of her loved-ones zodiac sign or her own or both!

Our latest collection of astrology charms includes the zodiac constellations, the twelve signs that are closely tied to how the Earth moves through the sky. Your zodiac sign is the one that the sun was "in" when you were born. Our limited edition 14k diamond set constellation charms showcase each of the twelve unique zodiac constellations.

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Dog - Chihuahua 14K Gold Charm

Find her best friend and furry family member in our collection of dog breeds.

The chihuahua is a spunky little dog that’s got enough personality to more than make up for its diminutive stature. Our gold chihuahua charm is figural, and captures the chihuahua spirit. Chihuahuas aren’t the only breed Charmco carries—we have a collection of dog breed charms, as well as an engravable dog bone, and dog paw, to show your love for your furry family members.

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Knitting Yarn & Needles 14K Gold Charm

Mom has so many talents! Celebrate one of her many hobbies found in our Hobbies and Professions section.

Our 14k ball of yarn is a great gift for the girl who loves to knit. Classic knitters' wisdom, don't make a sweater with three arms.

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Something special for your leading lady, Mom.