Holiday Gift Guide Part 1

Dec 14th 2022

Holiday Gift Guide Part 1

The holidays are such a wonderful time of year.

You get to spend time with those who mean the most to you. Charmco offers the best gold and vintage charms to celebrate all occasions, including the holidays. You'll love the uniqueness of charms as a gift, but, even more, you'll love the memory they will invoke every time you or a loved one wears them. See some of our favorite holiday charms below, and browse our collection today.

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Gingerbread Boy & Girl 14K Gold Charm

Most of us have memories of baking gingerbread cookies during the holidays as a child. Celebrate this year's holiday with these new additions to your memoir in gold.

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Holly with Red Berries 14K Gold Charm

The holidays are marked by many types of living things brought inside, from Christmas trees to poinsettias. Holly is also a traditional plant found around the holiday season that makes its way indoors to brighten our spirits. Give this beautiful 14k gold charm that also holds much religious symbolism to a loved one this holiday season.

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Nutcracker 14K Gold Charm

A Christmas tradition that many love, the Nutcracker is a favorite evening out for many, reminding us of the magic of Christmas. Our Nutcracker 14K Gold Charm will remind and inspire you or a loved one of this wonderful time of year and how anything is possible.

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Menorah 14K Gold Charm

This Menorah 14K Gold Charm makes a great gift to celebrate this special time of year. Eloquent and sophisticated in its simplistic design, you'll love the eight candles with the star in the middle. Keep your faith close with this beautiful gold charm.

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Peace 14K Gold Charm

For many, the holidays can be summed up with one word: Peace. Charmco celebrates the season where humans set aside their differences and come together in community. Remember the message of hope this holiday season with this wonderful peace charm.

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Charmco offers the best gold and vintage charms to celebrate all occasions, including the holidays.