Building a Taylor Swift Themed Charm Bracelet

May 24th 2023

Building a Taylor Swift Themed Charm Bracelet

By Charmco

A Charm Bracelet for Swifties

Calling all Swifties! Do you have your Eras Tour outfit picked out yet? We can help with that! Our reigning queen of easter eggs, Taylor is no stranger to symbology and hidden meanings. So hop into our getaway car, and let's build a charm bracelet dedicated to her discography while we belt our hearts out to Lover and Bad Blood.

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Self-Titled Album "Taylor Swift"

Let's kick things off with her debut self-titled album, Taylor Swift. She was a young country girl, writing her own songs, leaving teardrops on her guitar, so we, of course, have to include a guitar charm. We can't forget her musical roots in Tennessee, so let's also add in a music note charm and a pair of cowgirl boots for good measure. Who could imagine this album would be the first of SO MANY?

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Taylor's second album, Fearless, captured the hopeless romantic in her. Love Story became a smashing success, and what better way to capture the essence of that ballad than with a gold love letter charm? While the tale of Romeo and Juliet has a devastating ending, Taylor's version gets the happily ever after, so let's memorialize it with this adorable engagement ring charm. Just say yes!

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Speak Now

As she grew up, Taylor began to settle into her star status as America's Pop Princess. Her music started to lean more toward pop than country, resonating with young women, especially. Let's add a microphone to the charm bracelet to capture the essence of "Speak Now" and to symbolize finding your voice. This album also gave us one of our favorite ballads about lost love and reminiscing about what could have been with "Back to December." Let's memorialize that with a custom calendar charm for the month of December (also Taylor's birth month!). We will be shocked if you don't put your diamond on the 13th ;).

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Okay, we somehow don't make a scarf charm (hmmhmm, ideas, ideas) But don't worry - we can still capture the essence of Red. No one can deny how catchy "I Knew You Were Trouble" is, so let's give that banger a subtle nod with this gold and diamond airplane charm and fly to places you've never been. If you want something more literal, we recommend grabbing our ruby heart charm, which is the perfect way to pay homage to this album; its vibrant red hue encompasses the color, and the heart symbolizes the theme.

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Oh, 1989. This album is so full of hits we had trouble narrowing it down to only two charms. But we did it! New York plays such a central role in this album, so we have to give it a place in our charm bracelet. While there are many ways to capture the spirit of NYC, the empire state building feels so right. Of course, by now, Taylor had many go-to looks and symbols, none more ionic than her signature red lip (she wears NARS Dragon Girl, you're welcome), so a red lipstick charm is a must.

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Easily one of the best clap-back records of all time, Reputation was an unforgettable unapologetic response to her haters. This charm bracelet would not be complete without a snake charm, the symbol Taylor reclaimed after people tried calling her one. The jokes on them, though, as snakes are symbolic of love, health, wisdom, and even immortality. Another symbol seen throughout her discography is a nod to her birthday and lucky number, thirteen. Sometimes seen as a symbol of bad luck, this is another example of Taylor reclaiming something negative and making it positive.

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As her music developed, Taylor never stopped leaning on symbolism and hidden messages for her fans to find. While promoting "Lover," she noted she sometimes used butterflies as a symbol because they represent leaving darkness, so let's add a butterfly charm to our bracelet! While we could pick many songs and symbols for this album, we would be remiss not to include an arrow charm for the haunting ballad, The Archer.

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Easily her coziest album, Folklore makes us think of all things cottage-core. So let's capture that essence with a pine tree charm since we don't have a cardigan charm. (Again, though, we could always custom-make one for you!) And since we are celebrating the great in-doors along with all things T. Swift, we think it's well past time we add a cat charm to our growing charm bracelet to memorialize Taylor's pets, her three cats, Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button.

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Fast on the heels of Folklore, Taylor gifted us with even more cottage-core goodness with Evermore. To encapsulate the spirit of this album, we will absolutely need a champagne charm. The iconic drink is a recurring theme in her music, but it aptly works for this album and the song "Champagne Problems." There is a prevailing fan theory that the works of Emily Dickenson inspired Evermore, and there is no question Taylor's songs read like poetry or even a novel, so let's send a wink to this theory in our charm bracelet by including a book charm.

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Let's go out with a bang and finish this charm bracelet! Taylor's latest album, Midnights, explores what keeps us all up at night. One of the most popular songs off this album is Lavender Haze, and, at this point, our charm bracelet could use a pop of color. Let's add an amethyst charm to the stack as a visual representation of the moody hue. (Bonus - this purple gemstone charm also acts as a nod to "Bejewelled.") To finish our masterpiece, let's add a diamond moon charm to symbolize midnight.

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Swifties, we did it! We created the *perfect* Taylor Swift-themed charm bracelet. Of course, we know our girl will continue to write music that will capture our hearts, and we are willing to bet those future songs will be full of symbols, so don't worry - we can always add more charms. Or, next time, we can get started on a charm necklace. So, what musician or celebrity should we build a charm bracelet for next?

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