Shahnee's Charm Bracelet

shahneescharmbracelet-.jpgLowercase cursive "s"  - "S" is the first letter of my name and I usually write in cursive. I prefer to write in cursive actually. I am super into calligraphy. 

Aquamarine -My birthstone.

Lightning bolt - David Bowie inspired. ~rebel rebel~

Painter's palette - I paint. I am an artist in general

Glasses - I can't see without them.

Eiffel - Finally went to Paris..I'm pretty much a Francophile.

Graduation Cap - I'm an alumna of F.I.T. 

Camera - Tool of the trade.

Hourglass -Time is of the essence. A reminder to calm down. 

Goldfish - I had a goldfish when I was a kid, I'm also a Pisces and the charm is's an actual goldfish.

Ice cream/gelato - I love ice cream! It also represents when I studied abroad in Italy and kept a 85% gelato diet the entire semester. 

Snowflake - Every snowflake is unique, including me. Also I was born in the winter.

Flower - I just really like flowers.

Key - Keys represent knowledge and success and I want both. 

Gumball Machine - I have a sweet tooth.

Bike - I went to Amsterdam, and felt like I saw more bikes than anything else.