Shazalynn's Charm Bracelet


Shazalynn initially came to us to transfer charms from her personal collection to a new bracelet, along with an assortment of new charms from our collection. Her bracelet is a fun mix of new and vintage charms that all have a unique story to tell! Many of Shazalynn’s charms once belonged to her grandmother, whose charms provided playful moments as a girl in church. Some of her collection were actually childhood pendants and necklaces that were since converted to charms – a creative way to make the jewelry of yesterday wearable for today.

The charms on her bracelet celebrate her children and their travels as a family of four, such as the charm with a family of four on a ski lift. The bubble gum machine is a fun reminder of trips to the penny candy store as a kid, the house with furniture  celebrates her career as an interior designer and the culinary charms (such as the utensils) represent her professional culinary training. Shazalynn started a separate bracelet for her daughter when she was born, and looks at this bracelet as an heirloom she will one day share with her future granddaughter, where she can walk her down memory lane and explain the significance of each treasure on the bracelet.