Summertime Charms

Aug 1st 2019

Summertime Charms

By Charmco

Many of us live for summer. After all, the freedom of lazy days in a hammock, reading your favorite summer read, or going down to the local watering hole and soaking your feet in the refreshing coolness of the water is something we all wish we could do more in our lives. Summer offers up the fulfillment of promises from the spring, and although we are still busy with our comings and goings, we still take time to enjoy the long days, hot weather, and magic that is summer.

Charmco is a company that makes gold charms for charm bracelets. Charm bracelets are a unique way to remember your summertime adventures, your milestone events, like anniversaries and birthdays, to celebrate your passions, like gardening and dogs, and to remember your values, such as our religious and spiritual gold charms. A charm bracelet is in essence a record of your life. Below, we’ll highlight some of our favorite summertime 14k gold charms. Visit our website to discover hundreds more!


At some point during the summer, you’ll probably visit an amusement park where they will have a carousel to ride. Charmco celebrates this classic amusement park ride with our Vintage Enameled Carousel 14K Gold Charm. Featuring three horses that actually spin, the horses are colored red, white, and blue, which makes this a perfect charm to celebrate July 4th or our heritage and remember your trip to your favorite amusement park. Also called a merry-go-round, carousels of some type have been around since the Middle Ages where they originated from jousting knights who would gallop in circles while tossing balls to one another in a demonstration of their skill. Probably the oldest amusement park rides, modern carousels continue to delight adults and children alike.

If you live on the East Coast, odds are you’ve visited Nantucket Island. Nestled away in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Nantucket Island is a wonderful place to visit during the summer. With its cobblestoned streets, scrumptious restaurants, and steepled churches, Nantucket Island is a wonderful summer destination. Charmco celebrates Nantucket Island trips with our Vintage Small Nantucket Basket 14K Gold Charm. What summer is complete without a picnic, and Nantucket Island is the perfect place for a beach picnic with the ocean breeze bringing the most tantalizing of scents. Nantucket is definitely a place you never want to leave.

A lot of people associate summer with the beach, the lake, or the ocean. Remember the good times you had with Charmco’s Anchor with Rope 14K Gold Charm. A classic symbol or all watercraft, this anchor features a rope that is wrapped around it, giving it a nice three dimensional aspect and look. An anchor is a heavy piece of metal that holds a ship in place. Hence, an anchor has become a symbol of firmness, steadfastness, and resolve, especially in the midst of a crisis, as well as hope and strength. People are called anchors in just such instances. If you have someone in your life whom you consider your anchor, this small gold charm is the perfect gift.

Summer is also the time of travel, and some of the coolest travel destinations can only be reached by airplane. Thus, Charmco’s Boeing 707 Airplane 14K Gold Charm celebrates this innovative way of travel that has only been around for 100 years, although it seems like much longer. This small gold charm was made to look like a Boeing 707 airplane and even has the numbers “707” engraved on the underside of one wing. Remember your summer flight with this charm for your charm bracelet.


Charmco’s mission is to enrich your life through celebrating memories. After all, memories is how we connect with people and memories form part of who we are. It’s part of what separates us from other animals who purely live in the moment off instinct. Our charm collection includes charms for charm bracelets, as well as charms for necklaces. There are so many ways you can personalize your small gold charms, and so many ways you can wear them as well. With Charmco, your getting the best 14k gold charms available anywhere, and with so many options, you’ll have a personal token that tells your life’s story wherever you go. Order your gold charms for charm bracelets today!