Create a Menagerie of Fantastic Beasts

Jul 18th 2018

Create a Menagerie of Fantastic Beasts

By Charmco

You love things that go above the ordinary, so why not create a stunning charm bracelet or necklace to celebrate your preference for extraordinary creatures? Charmco carries the full complement of animal charms, including those that are a bit quirky or just a figment of our imaginations. If the latter is more up your alley, read on to see what we have for you!

Gold Owl Charm

The Owl on Branch 14k Gold Charm might not have delivered your special letter yet, but while you wait, keep him on your bracelet or necklace. The owl is all-knowing, and is the symbol of protection, wisdom, and intelligence.

Gold Hedgehog Charm

Hedgehogs are captivating, adorable, and just fun to watch (if YouTube is any indication!). These little guys are prickly on the outside and soft on the inside, and make the perfect addition to your jewelry collection. The Hedgehog 14k Gold Charm can be put on a necklace or bracelet!

Flying Pig Gold Charm

We’ve all heard the saying “when pigs fly”, and when it comes to conquering the impossible, you now have proof that pigs can, in fact, fly (at least if they come in the form of a 14k gold charm!). Wear the Flying Pig 14k Gold Charm by Charmco as a constant reminder that nothing is impossible.

Fox Gold Charm

The fox is smart, resourceful, and looks pretty good, too! Whether you’re celebrating the smarty pants in your life or want to show somebody you think she’s extra foxy, the Fox Symbol 14k Gold Charm is a must have!

Seahorse Gold Charm

The seahorse is considered a good luck charm to many, and in addition to being lucky, is one of the most fascinating creatures under the sea. Sailors looked to it as a sign of protection while out at sea, too. For the person in your life who is incredibly unique, the Seahorse 14K Gold Charm is just what she needs!

Gold Unicorn Charm

Bring a touch of magic to your day when you wear the Unicorn 14K Gold Charm on a bracelet or necklace! Our majestic unicorn charm is proud and legendary, and is a symbol of purity and grace.

The 14k gold charms at Charmco make a lovely gift to a loved one or to yourself. You have the choice of attachment to suit your existing chain, as well as yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. Take a look at our website more for animal charms, and order yours today!