Charms for the Beach

Jul 2nd 2019

Charms for the Beach

By Charmco

Summertime is carefree with long days, gorgeous sunsets, and hours outside, enjoying life. One popular place to enjoy is the beach. After all, it’s hot out, and splashing in the waves is one of the best ways to cool down. Plus, you can find beautiful seashells, see marine life such as crabs, and let your feet sink into the warm, wet sand that provides an all-natural foot massage and cleansing treatment.

One way to celebrate the beach is with small gold charms by Charmco. We offer charms for bracelets and charm necklaces that you can choose a variety of 14k gold charms for. Below, we’ll go over some of our favorite beach gold charms. Visit us online today!


What’s the best thing to have with you on the beach outside of an umbrella? A cocktail, of course! With Charmco’s Tropical Drink 14K Gold Charm, you can celebrate in style with this small gold charm. It features its own umbrella (the best part of cocktails on the beach), as well as a lime wedge and straw. This cute charm for your charm bracelet will have you planning your next beach getaway — as well as what drinks you’ll enjoy

You can’t leave the beach without collecting seashells, and with Charmco’s small gold charms, you can collect 14k gold shells. Our Conch Shell with Pink Enamel 14k Gold Charm is exquisite in detail, and if you’re lucky when you hold it up to you ear, you may just hear the sounds of the sea. The pink with white banding makes this Conch Shell with Pink Enamel 14k Gold Charm true to form, and it adds a nice pop of color to your existing charm necklace. Visit our Beach & Nautical collection to collect even more sea shells.

Movable small gold charms are just plain fun, especially when you are showing others your unique gold charms on your bracelet. Throw in the adventures of a cruise ship, and you can’t help but have a good time. Charmco’s Cruise Ship 14K Gold Movable Charm is the perfect remembrance for your summer cruise vacation. In addition, Charmco offers a whole series of travel charms to complement your growing escapades, from famous landmarks to countries and more. Browse our Beach & Nautical small gold charms today for other ideas to add to your charm necklace.

Charmco’s Mermaid 14k Gold Charm is the perfect charm to remember the magic from your beach vacation. Mermaids have long histories, going as far back as ancient Babylonia. With a fish’s tail and typically a woman’s body, mermaids have enchanted sailors for centuries, some stories saying they would even lead them to their deaths with their sweet songs. Many books and movies have been made, featuring both good and evil mermaids, some that were helpful and benevolent to others who took sheer pleasure in causing mischief and mayhem. This mermaid holds a single pearl in her hands as a symbol of her enchantment and beauty. Perfect for your summer charm necklace.

Speaking of menacing beasts of the deep, the shark takes the cake for being made out to be a villain (even though sharks, if they had their way, would never interact with a human ever). Charmco’s Shark 14K Gold Charm is a movable small gold charm whose jaw opens and closes. Perfect representation of how wide a shark’s mouth can actually open, this shark charm is great for beach lovers who had the privilege of seeing a shark safely up close. Order yours today!

Shark 14K Gold Charm


Charmco loves to celebrate occasions with small gold charms for bracelets and necklaces. We are constantly adding to our collection of 14k gold charms, and we do take customer suggestions into account for what they want to see. Check our website regularly for new arrivals of our small charms as you’re shopping for your loved one for a particular occasion. We also offer the best in gold necklaces and bracelets so you can get started right away on custom charms. Even if you’re unsure what small gold charm momento you would like, browse our hundreds of small gold charms for bracelets. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find! Visit today!