You’ll Never Have Enough Gold Charms

Oct 30th 2016

You’ll Never Have Enough Gold Charms

By Charmco

As a woman, you’ve probably heard it too many times, “ you have too many shoes,” or “you have way too much jewelry,” and if you’re a charm collector like we are, then you’ve definitely heard, “you have too many charms!”

We are here to be rid of that way of thinking and tell you that you’ll never have enough gold charms. Ever. With our ever-changing inventory and your constantly-evolving life, you can always use a new charm.

  • First of all, gold charms commemorate memories. For example, it’s your bachelorette party and your bridesmaids got together to get you a new charm bracelet with an engagement ring charm from Charm CO. Not only does this represent your engagement, but it represents your fun bachelorette party and, of course, your wonderful and loyal bridesmaids.
  • Second of all, custom charms are a thing. With Charmco, you can create custom gold charms that represent whatever you want them to. When this is a reality, of course, you’ll never have enough charms in your life.
  • Third of all, your life is ever changing. The great woman you are is always trying new things and gaining accomplishments that enrich your life. Why wouldn’t you want to represent that with gold charms on your custom charm bracelet? This is a great way to wear your always-evolving story or even your heart on your sleeve.

Never let anyone tell you that you have too many gold charms. Your gold charms will forever represent times in your life, accomplishments you’ve made, and memories with loved ones. Wear your charms with pride and affirm your love for charms with even more gold charms!