Why You Don’t Have Enough Charms

Jun 5th 2016

Why You Don’t Have Enough Charms

As a charm collector, the thought of not having enough gold charms might sound crazy. In fact, you’ve had friends and family tell you that you have a “charm problem.” While that may sound like a “problem,” to them, you know it’s not. You actually happen to know that you don’t have that many charms. Which you see as the real problem, and so do we. Here is why you need more charms.

  • You’re Well Rounded - This means that you have multiple hobbies, and maybe even become multiple people at one point, either way, you should have charms that represent all that you are, and all that you love to do.
  • You Have Tons of Friends And Family - So you have a large amount of people that you love. Friends, family, coworkers or teammates, the list goes on. This means you have memories galore, and they should be depicted with a gold charm, As you create more memories with your loved ones, you’ll need even more gold charms!
  • You Love To Collect Things - Unlike a hoarder, you only collect things with true meaning and value. Gold charms are no exception to this, as you also like to collect other things like shot glasses and concert tickets. You like collecting things so much that you should probably get a gold charm to commemorate your love for collections.
  • You Love Gold - Who doesn’t? Gold goes with everything, it’s sexy and shiny, and above all, it’s strong. Are we still talking about charms? Could be, we might not be, but if you’re all of these things, you need more charms to pay homage to the wonderful things that you are.
  • You Love Jewelry - As do most women, however gold charms speak to you more than other accessories. A part of being a jewelry collector is getting even more jewelry. Charm bracelets and charm necklaces simply add to the wonderful jewelry collection that you already have.

Gold charms are one of the best ways to represent who you are. You could have multiple charm bracelets with gold charms that represent your mood that day, or they could represent all the things that you are. Regardless of the charms you choose, continue to build your charm collection as you make memories, try new things, and make new friends. Gold charms can be your personal tokens of your memories and experiences, so how can you ever have enough? For every great occurrence in your life, you should probably get a gold charm for it. Take a look at the great charm collection that Charm CO has to offer, and keep building now!