Why Charm Bracelets Are Better Than Best Friend Necklaces

Jun 19th 2016

Why Charm Bracelets Are Better Than Best Friend Necklaces

You and your best friend have been close for years. You’ve gone through so much together, seen things together, had experiences and even traveled together. It’s safe to say you’re best friends for life. While tattoos are a great option for commemorating your close ties with your best friend, a less permanent and more stylish option is to get charm bracelets for each other.

Charm bracelets are always a great gift. But they’re even better when you can give them to your best friend as a matching gift to your own bracelet. Gold charms are great for best friendships for many reasons such as:

  • Memories - You and your best friend used to love to ride bikes and play night games. Why not give each other matching charms that are the shape of a bicycle to memorialize a simpler time in your lives.
  • Birthdays - For each other’s birthday, you can both get each other a gold charm that says the year in which you were both. It’s even cooler if you both were born in the same year.
  • Accomplishments - Just graduate high school? Or maybe you’ve graduated college, either way, a gold charm in the shape of a grad cap is a great way to commemorate this great accomplishment you both have made.
  • Travel Tokens - Of course, as you two travel the world together you’ll be picking up souvenirs in every place you go. But why not give each other a cute memorial token of the places you’ve traveled with a globe shaped gold charm.
  • “First Time Experiences” - You and your bestie travel all the time together. Why not get gold charms for your best friends charm bracelet that depict the first time you went to the beach, or the first time you rode a boat, or went on a plane! The possibilities are endless!

Every pair of best friends should wear a piece of jewelry that represent the great friendship that you share. Charm bracelets are a great way to do this because they are versatile, fun, interchangeable, and above all high quality. You friendship is strong and real, just like gold, so why not represent that with gold charms that are precisely that. If you and your best friend are looking to start a best friend charm collection, don’t hesitate to look at the wide and beautiful collection that Charm Co has to offer, and start your bestie charm bracelets today!