Themed Charms

Jul 11th 2017

Themed Charms

By Charmco

Who said you could have only one charm bracelet and that you have to put all your charms together, regardless of their theme. No one, that’s who! We think a charm bracelets or necklace that has a theme to it is a great addition to any jewelry collection. In this week’s article, we’ll brainstorm ideas for themes for bracelets that you can give as gifts over time, at one time, or build for yourself as a way to treat yourself.

Flag Themed Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet that is emblazoned with flags from locations that you have lived or visited can make a lovely, colorful piece of jewelry for your wrist. Start with one of the several versions of the stars and stripes of America. You can choose the Vintage Waving American Flag 14K Gold Charm, one of several Vintage Enameled American Flag 14K Gold Charms. If you’ve had the good fortune to travel outside of the country, celebrate that fact with a United States Passport 14K Gold Luxe Charm, and international flags such as the Vintage Enameled Flag of Denmark 14K Gold Charm or a Vintage Enameled Map of Germany 14K Gold Charm. If you have pride in how many U.S. states you’ve lived in or visited, you can collect state charms, such as a Vintage Enameled Map of Oregon, Vintage Enameled New York State 14K Gold Charm, or Charmco’s Vintage Enameled Map of Alaska 14K Gold Charm

Travel Artifacts

You don’t have to stick with maps to indicate the destinations to which you have traveled! Our Colorful Charms collection is full of amazing little artifact charms to remind you of your travels. Take, for instance, the cute little Delft-style wooden shoe from The Netherlands. The Vintage Enameled Dutch Clog 14K Gold Charm is enameled with blue and white just like the famous porcelain from Delft. The Vintage Enameled London Transport 9K Gold Charm would be the perfect gift for your Anglophile (even if that is you!). And if your travels have included a visit to Portugal, you’ll know that the rooster is their national symbol and you’ll understand that the Vintage Red Enameled Rooster 18K Gold Charm captures the spirit of that wonderful, warm country.

A Twist on a Theme

One way to work a theme you love is to simply concentrate on it or variations on a single charm. One lovely example is coins. Charmco carries so many to choose from that you may have some trouble picking just one style, but try! Imagine a necklace or bracelet with just Mother of Pearl Chinese Gambling Chips. We offer eight varieties of these gambling chips. You can pick your favorite, or you could make a visual impact by alternating Vintage Pearl Chinese Gambling Chip with Flowers and Birds 14K Gold Charm with the Vintage Mother of Pearl Chinese Gambling Chip #8 14 K Gold Charm that features foliage, flowers, and geometric patterns. The sheen and shimmer of the iridescent mother of pearl would be gorgeous with almost any outfit and for any occasion.

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