The Stories Behind Our Jewelry

Jan 20th 2017

The Stories Behind Our Jewelry

By Charmco

Ask any woman about the jewelry she has on, and you are in for a story. The stories and emotions that connect us to meaningful experiences in our lives can be commemorated by a piece of jewelry, a charm on a custom charm bracelet to be specific. If you’ve heard your friend, partner, or mother tell stories of her travels to Europe, show her you have been listening by giving her a charm for a bracelet. Shop Charmco for the widest choice of 14K and 18K charms!

Je T'aime Paris!

Do you remember the story she told of the youthful getaway to Paris? When she drank coffee in all the same cafes as the famous philosophers, wandered the halls of the Louvre enjoying the great artworks of humankind and wander the famous Paris garden CharmCo has just the charms for her. The Fleur de Lis, the symbol of France, is a ¾’ x ⅝” 14k charm to remind her. The Venus de Milo will remind her of seeing this famous sculpture in the Louvre.The Eiffel Tower 14K Gold Luxe Charm will remind her of being kissed at the top of the well-known landmark. And what is more French than a croissant? This Croissant 14K charm is super cute and will be a whimsical addition to her charm collection.

Say Cheerio to London!

The trip she made to London is etched in her mind, and you’ve heard her stories so many times they feel like your own. She spent New Year’s Eve at the base of Big Ben, toured the city in a double-decker bus, and always tells the story of leaving her wallet in a famous London taxi. We have charms to match er story: 14K London Taxi Gold Charm, London Bus 14K, Gold Charm, and Big Ben.

She’ll say Grazie for Italy-themed Charms!

Her stories of traveling Italy as a college student first awoke your own wanderlust. Let her know the impact she made on you with Italy-themed charms. Start off the charm collection to commemorate her trip to Italy with the Map of Italy charm. The 14k Bee charm, with a citrine and onyx, the symbol of the powerful Italian Barberini family, and the Ponte Vecchio 14K Gold Charm can remind her of her time spent in Florence. The Roman Gladiator 14K Gold Charm or the Vintage Coliseum 18K Gold Charm will remind her of playing hacky sack in the Coliseum with her fellow students on a class trip, the photos of which are framed and on her wall.

Goeie Dag to Holland!

Anytime in Holland is time well spent. Your mom, aunt, or girlfriend loved her time there, and it would be a lovely gesture for you to show you heard her stories by giving her charms to match the stories. You know she had a lovely time at Keukenhof, the famous 32-hectare flower garden, brimming with tulips, daffodils, and every flower imaginable that grown in the chilly Dutch air. Add a Flowerpot 14K Gold Charm to her bracelet so she can look down and remember the spectacular display. The Dutch Windmill 14K Gold Charm and the 14K Vintage Dutch Clog, which she will correct you on, telling you that it actually called a klompen, will bring her joy.

Give her a gift for her to help her remember her life journey and to thank her for sharing her life with you. Shop Charmco today!