The “Charms” of Fall: Celebrate the Season with Gold Charms

Oct 1st 2018

The “Charms” of Fall: Celebrate the Season with Gold Charms

By Charmco

Fall is charming for a lot of people, and not just those of us at Charmco who are in the charm business! Fall welcomes warm sweaters, fuzzy slippers, and wool scarves. We live for lazy days by the fireplace reading a good book with a cat on our laps, hot baths, shopping for the holidays, and having coffee with friends as the wind blows and the leaves tumble. Fall is for many a bountiful season and a time to celebrate the harvest of our year as we look forward to the holidays with friends, family, and pumpkin pie.

Charmco has a variety of charms created for the fall season in order to capture those special memories. From the changing of the leaves to visits to the pumpkin patch or the apple-picking grove to growing friendships with friends over coffee, Charmco has the perfect gold charm to remember this very special season in your life.


Let’s begin with the quintessential gold charm, Charmco’s Vintage Rose & Yellow Gold Maple Leaf Charm. Exquisite in its details, this vintage gold charm for bracelets features a mix of 10k rose gold and 18k yellow gold to simulate the fall leaf colors. Maple trees yield some of the most beautiful fall colors, boasting brilliant yellows, mesmerizing oranges, and vivid reds or a combination of these colors, maple leaves are amazing reminders of the remarkability of nature. Also the national symbol of Canada, Charmco’s Vintage Rose & Yellow Gold Maple Leaf is perfect to complement your charm necklace, charm bracelet, or charm necklace.

Another favorite symbol of Fall is the pine cone. Evergreen trees do not shed their leaves, but they do shed their cones in preparation for the impending winter hibernation period. Charmco’s Pine Cone 14k Gold Charm boasts realistic detail to the point you can almost smell the fresh scent of pine cones that many of us love to bring indoors. Used for many of our kids’ favorite craft projects, the pine cone is the official State Flower of Maine. In ancient Rome, the pine cone was associated with Venus, the Roman goddess of love and fertility. Celebrate the fall Season and show your love with this Pine Cone 14k Gold Charm by Charmco.

One of Charmco’s movable gold charms, Jack O’Lantern Pumpkin 14k Gold Charm comes with its own coral bead. Carved in a spooky face with a stem that flips open, carved pumpkins have dated back to the ancient Celts hundreds of years ago as part of their autumnal celebration. The ancient Celts wanted to light the way to their homes for the good spirits to follow, and this tradition, brought to America by the Irish, has continued to this day. Sure to be the hit of your next Halloween party, this Jack O’Lantern Pumpkin 14k Gold Charm is cute and delightful!

A reminder of what is to come, Charmco’s Fur Coat 14k Gold Charm causes no harm to animals. Fashionable, stylish, and beautiful, this fur coat charm is sure to invoke warm memories of days out on the town, trips to the mountains for winter delights such as skiing, snowmobiling, or snowshoeing, visits to Grandma’s for her famous chicken noodle soup, or just outside your door to watch the kids play in the snow and build a snowman. So much of life is led in our clothes that they hold memories as well. This Fur Coat 14k Gold Charm by Charmco for your bracelet or necklace is sure to remind you of special memories.

Who doesn’t get out of bed and make coffee first thing? Charmco’s My Coffee Cup 14K Gold Enamel Charm is the perfect pick-me-up for the morning. Enameled in green, black, and white, this coffee cup charm is designed to remind you of your favorite to-go beverage. This gold charm is an engravable gold charm, featuring a gold tag to engrave the name of your favorite coffee drinker or beverage. Meeting friends and reconnecting over coffee has become a favorite activity of many people and as the holidays approach and our family comes into town, the coffee cup talk will more than likely increase! Celebrate reconnecting with friends and families over one of the most popular beverages in the world with My Coffee Cup 14k Gold Enamel Charm by Charmco.

As one of the premier online store for movable gold charms, vintage gold charms for bracelets, vintage charms for necklaces, 14k vintage charms, gold wedding charms, and traditional gold charms, Charmco has something for everyone.

Charmco hopes you enjoy fall as much as we do. Visit our store online today for many, many more fall-themed gold charms as well as other themed charms.