Summertime Charms

Jul 11th 2017

Summertime Charms

By Charmco

Summertime is the perfect time for charm bracelets, and Charmco had the gold charms that will be a terrific addition to any charm bracelets. Charmco has a wide selection of gold charms for bracelets and necklaces. Let’s look at some summer-themed charms to help you decide which one belongs on your bracelet or necklace!

Summertime Activity Charms

What is a summer vacation without a trip to the beach? Or maybe your trip to New England can be remembered with a whimsical charms like the Shark 14K Gold Charm which would be perfect for a trip to Cape Cod. The moveable jaw of this apex predator opens and shuts to add to its charm! This is one you’ll want to have soldered onto your bracelet so that it doesn’t get lost! A trip to Maine calls for a lobster charm, and we’ve got several to choose from. You can sport a whole lobster with the Lobster 14K Gold Charm, just the claw with the Lobster Claw 14K Gold Charm or a trap with the Lobster Trap 14 K Gold Charm. Maybe you and your family took a bike ride down in the mountains, or along the beach and this Bicycle 14 K Gold Charm of a bike, with moving pedals and wheels, can be the perfect memento of that time.

Vacation Destination Charms

Travel themed charms are always in fashion! A Globe 14K Gold Charm is perfect for your globetrotting sweetie. A Cowboy Hat 14K Gold Charm would be the perfect gift for your favorite cowgirl if any of your vacation with her was spent in the west, at a country concert, or riding horses. Or maybe your idea of the perfect vacation is actually a stay-cation, and the best memento would be the Adirondack Chair 14 K Gold Charm to help you remember how nice it can be to stay home and putter around the house and garden. Whether you traveled to Italy, France, England or the Netherlands, we have a charm that will help you remember your vacation.

Engraveable Charms

Whether it is a summer romance or a family vacation, there are some moments in time that we want to remember. One way to memorialize a special moment or experience is to get a charm engraved with a date or names. Charmco has a wide variety of engravable gold charms so you can personalize your gift. A wonderful way to mark a significant graduation from high school or college is with a Diploma 14 K Gold Charm that is engraved with the name of the school and the year of graduation. You can choose between block font and a script font to match the character of the person to whom you are giving the charm. Or choose the Custom Calendar with Diamond 14K Gold Charm. You choose the year, month and date and we’ll customize it with a diamond to mark the important date, which can be a birthday, engagement, or the day you met your loved one. The back can be engraved with a short description of the event.