Summer Charm Care Tips

Apr 14th 2016

Summer Charm Care Tips

We made it! It’s Spring, and that means Summer is quickly on it’s way, in fact, you could say it’s comin’ in hot! With that hot weather comes the opportunity to get active and explore. But exploring can get a little dirty sometimes, which means you’re getting dirty, and so are your clothes and accessories. We know just how active you like to be, especially when the weather is favorable, so we wanted to prepare you for Summer, by sharing some charm care for your gold charms.

Gold Charm Care Tips:

  • Opt for soldering - Because you are going out into mother nature’s playground for some outdoor activities, it’s important that your gold charms stay on your custom charm bracelet. Let’s say you’re going out on the lake today, and you are quickly behind the boat wakeboarding and having the time of your life when suddenly you wipe out. Luckily, you had your gold charms soldered, and they’re still in tact.
  • Cleaning - Getting out there and doing all these activities is messy. Making sure you clean the dirt of your gold charms will not only keep them looking new, but it will help to protect them. We wouldn’t want your beautiful vintage charms being damaged by lake and river water would we?
  • Leave it at home - If you’re going out into mother nature, chances are you won’t need your charm bracelet. We know you hate taking it off, but going without your charm bracelet could mean that you keep it. Charms are far too beautiful for around the campfire anyhow.

Stay tuned to our next blog for even more tips on keeping your gold charms shiny and new this Summer.