Springtime Religious Charms

Mar 8th 2017

Springtime Religious Charms

By Charmco

Springtime is a time of reflection and renewal and our religious holidays reflect this. Giving a charm on these occasions is a wonderful way to enable your loved one to carry the hope and love of spring Christian religious holidays such as Easter the whole year through. Charmco carries 14K and 18K gold charms that make giving charms for St. Patrick's Day or Easter as gifts easy.

St. Patrick’s Day Charms

Before spring officially begins on the spring equinox, we are all already thinking about the green of St. Patrick’s Day that is! This unofficial holiday celebrating the work of this Irish saint has symbols that just ask to be given as charms! The Harm 14K Gold Charm is a lovely symbol of the Emerald Isle that anyone would love. The details of Celtic interlacing make this charm a keepsake to treasure. It is available in both white and yellow gold. The four-leaf clover, the symbol of Ireland and good luck and is a great way of telling the one you love that you must have the proverbial “Luck of the Irish” to have her in your life. We have over a dozen four-leaf clover charms for you to choose from, surely one is perfect for her. The Four Leaf Clover 14K Gold Charm is charming in its simplicity and is engravable so can request that we put your and her initials on it. If the lucky lady is the mother of your children, you can put the initials of your children on it.

Easter Charms

Christmas may get more attention, but Easter lies at the heart of Christianity: the resurrection gives hope for eternal life. Charmco carries charms that make the perfect gift for Easter. This Vintage Pave Cross 10K Gold Charm has a Byzantine flavor that is created by two rows of small pave diamonds. Eggs are an ancient symbol that is now used for Easter. This Easter Egg 14K Gold Charm is adorable. It opens up to reveal a tiny chick inside. For the Roman Catholic in your life, the Vatican Coat of Arm 14K Gold Charm is the perfect Easter gift.

Time for a Bracelet Upgrade?

Has a fleeting interest in charms turned into a fun obsession? If so, it might be time to upgrade your charm bracelet to give all your Charmco charms a new home! The “Emily” 14K Gold Charm Bracelet is a classic look, famously worn by Elizabeth Taylor and Jacqueline Kennedy. This is an heirloom quality bracelet and will be worn with pride by the owner.

Charm Necklaces

If you are looking for a necklace to display your latest charm, shop our selection of necklaces. For wearing more than one charm, the “Alexa” Rectangular Link 14K Gold Charm Necklace, 30 Inches is the perfect choice. The size and shape of the links allow for multiple charms to be hung along the length of the chain. To display a single charm, the “Anna” Classic Cable 14K Gold Necklace is the one to choose. It is available in 13, 16 and 18-inch lengths, and in either yellow or white gold.

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