New Charms for the New Year!

Jan 5th 2017

New Charms for the New Year!

By Charmco

Gold Charms for the New Year

It’s a new year, and that means it’s time for a new and improved you. While 2016 was a great year, you want to make sure that 2017 is even better. But how? After a year full of good memories, growth, promotions, and life changes, it might seem like there’s nowhere to go from here.

Wrong. With every year, there are more and more opportunities to move up in life, and it’s all up to you. Each new year, many of us set out new goals, or what we like to call “resolutions,” So what do you resolve to do this year? Regardless of the changes you want to make, one thing should remain the same, and that’s wearing your gold charms and your charm bracelet everyday. However, if there are changes that can be made regarding your gold charms here’s what we suggest.

Charms and Changes

In a previous blog, we talked about how to take care of your charms. One of the charm care tips we offered was to solder your charms to your bracelet. If you haven’t done this with your charms, then you can have a little fun. This gives you the opportunity to switch out some of the charms on your bracelet, and what better charms to switch out than ones that match your resolutions? Once you’ve placed your new charms on your charm bracelet, then you should solder them to keep them attached to your bracelet. But which gold charms are you choosing? Here are some ideas.

New Year’s Resolutions and Your Gold Charms

In 2017 I want to…..

Read More Books

If 2016 didn’t present you with enough adventure, why not thrust yourself into an exciting book series that spurs your imagination? Add a Book 14k Gold Charm to your charm bracelet as a little reminder to get reading!

Save More Money

Many people make this resolution every year but very few actually stick to it. Help remind yourself to live within your means with this Piggy Bank 14k Gold Charm. You could even get yourself a piggy bank for all of your loose change and bills and don’t use until the end of the year. When you have plenty of money, get yourself a new gold charm to reward yourself!

Get in Shape

Believe it or not, this is the number one resolution that people make every year. Their goal is to get that summer body by the time the warm weather hits, but many don’t fulfill this goal. Remind yourself of your motivation for hitting the gym and never make any excuses not to go by attaching this Movable Dumbbell 14k Gold Charm.

Now that you’ve set your resolutions for the year, make sure to get your new vintage charms onto your custom charm bracelet and have them soldered on. That way, you can look down at your charms and have your reminders for self improvement on you everyday. Shop more of our gold charms to match any resolution you make this year!