How to Start a Gold Charm Collection

Feb 10th 2016

How to Start a Gold Charm Collection

A gold charm collection is a fabulous way of noting all of your greatest life achievements. It’s also great for remembering birthdays, events, or a right of passage. While gold charms are great for the big moments in life, they’re also great for noting little anecdotes about your personality. Gold charms can represent whatever you want them to, but before starting your charm collection, consider these tips:

  1. Charm Bracelet or Charm Necklace? A charm bracelet is a great way to wear multiple charms at once and a necklace looks best when paired with one, maybe two charms. But before you can start your collection, be sure to get a gold charm bracelet or necklace.
  2. Take your time. Because charms are representative of birthdays, achievements and other stepping stones, it takes time to build up your collection. Take your time in searching for the best gold charms for your collection.
  3. Charm care. Making sure your charms stay looking their best is crucial to your charm collection. Cleaning them on a regular basis keeps your charms looking shiny and new. You should also consider soldering your charms shut to keep them from falling off and getting lost.

These three tips are not only helpful to starting a charm collection, but they are vital. A gold charm bracelet is like a personal time capsule that dangles on your wrist and should be properly considered and cared for. If you’re interested in adding to the beauty of your charm collection, take these tips into consideration and check out the line of gold charms that Charm Co has to offer.