History Of The Charm Bracelet

May 22nd 2016

History Of The Charm Bracelet

As a charm lover, you can think of many reasons as to why you love your charm bracelet. What’s not to love? They’re shiny, beautiful and individualized to fit exactly who you are. And while we know that’s a short list, we also know that you might not know the history behind charm bracelets.

Let’s take this opportunity to learn more about gold charm bracelets, and find even more reasons to love the jewelry that graces our arms every day.

History of Charm Bracelets

For centuries, people have worn talismans on their body as a means of repelling evil spirits and bring luck and protection to the person wearing it. In more modern times, these good luck charms were worn on a charm bracelet. The 1950’s brought about this popular new arm candy, and from there, women fell in love.

A charming history

As charms themselves have their own history as being a good omen, charms also tell another story, that story being yours. It’s a beautiful thing when you get to tell your story, but what’s more beautiful is something that tells it for you. The gold charms you wear on your wrist are representative of you, your life, your interests and anything you have loved and lost.

As charms remain unique in their history, they also remain unique in their existence. Every charm bracelet tells a different story, and one individual charm can tell multiple stories. The possibilities are endless, so be sure build your custom charm bracelet to it’s fullest.