Gold Charms for the Celebrations in Your Life

Jan 3rd 2019

Gold Charms for the Celebrations in Your Life

By Charmco

We go through many milestones in life. From the moment we take our first steps to the moment we graduate, many wonderful memories and times are to be had. We celebrate these milestones in our lives in various ways: from parties with balloons and cake to special trips to celebrate an anniversary or accomplishment. Charmco, a purveyor of gold charms for bracelets, offers many charms to celebrate special occasions in your life. Below are some of our favorite celebratory gold charms.


Having just celebrated the New Year, why not remember the beginning of 2019 with a Champagne Bottle 14k Gold Charm. Invented like most great inventions — accidentally — champagne was a product of wine-making with bubbles that wouldn’t go away in 1693. A perfect momento for your charm bracelet, this Champagne Bottle charm with “Champagne” engraved on it will remind you of your New Year’s night on the town, your anniversary, or a wedding.

One can’t drink champagne out of any old glass. Champagne must be consumed in a glass fitting for such a delicacy: champagne glasses. Charmco celebrates the perfect champagne glass with Champagne Grand Toast 14k Gold Charm. Toast your occasion to remember with this gold charm for your charm bracelet.

Champagne tastes best when it is perfectly chilled and when it’s delivered to your door for room service. Vintage Green Champagne Bucket 9k Gold Charm by Charmco features the traditional color of champagne bottles for an authentic feel. Celebrate the fine times in life with this gold charm for your charm necklace.

Vintage Green Champagne Bucket 9k Gold Charm

Perfect for an anniversary, Charmco offers up Champagne Toast To Us 14k Gold Charm that can be engraved on the bottom of the serving tray. Featuring a bottle of Champagne and two champagne glasses, “To Us” is engraved on the top as you toast your anniversary or milestone made with your loved one or a friend. Extremely popular, this gold charm would make a wonderful centerpiece to your charm necklace or charm bracelet.

If you’ve visited Italy, odds are you’ve had Chianti. Dating back to at least the 13th century, this well-known and beloved Tuscan wine is commonly enclosed with a straw basket known as a fiasco. Charmco celebrates Chianti with this Vintage Bottle of Chianti Wine 18K Gold Charm. This wine is the perfect complement to any Italian dish and is a great wine to celebrate with.

Instead of wine or champagne, many celebrate special occasions with a mixed drink. Charmco’s Vintage Cocktail Jigger 14K Gold Charm comes with the classic stirrer to make your perfect Martini or Cosmopolitan.

You’ll need the perfect bracelet for charms to celebrate and remember your special occasion. Charmco’s Vintage Classic Curb Link with Safety Chain 14K Gold Charm Bracelet is ideal for showcasing your favorite gold charm. Fitted with a safety chain and spring ring closure and stamped with a maker's mark, this charm bracelet will be the perfect remembrance for your special milestone.

Many of us go on vacation to celebrate a special milestone. From walks on the beach to a weekend on the ski slopes, different locations and experiences cement the special occasion in our memories for years to come, especially if we are traveling with a loved one. While on one of these luxurious vacations, odds are you’ve indulged in one (or a few) pina coladas, margaritas, or other mixed drink, featuring the fresh fruit of the locale. Chamco proposes another gold charm to mark the occasion:Tropical Drink 14K Gold Charm. Authentic with a lime wedge and a pink umbrella, this tropical drink gold charm is sure to evoke memories of lazy days and tons of fun as you plan your next milestone destination.

Charmco is the best maker of vintage gold charms and gold charms for charm bracelets and charm necklaces. We offer hundreds of gold charms to choose from to celebrate many of life’s best occasions: the birth of a child, graduation from college, getting a new job, buying a new home, or adding a new fur baby to the family. Charmco’s mission is to provide the best gold charms for all of your milestone occasions. We celebrate these occasions with the great-tasting drinks, further enhancing our experiences. Contact Charmco today for the best occasion gold charms for bracelets!