Give Your Heart Away with Gold Charms

Feb 5th 2019

Give Your Heart Away with Gold Charms

By Charmco

Ancient Egyptians used to think that the heart actually performed the function of the brain and was the source of wisdom, emotions, memory, personality, and soul. They believed their gods spoke through the heart and that it was possible to discern the will of their gods through their hearts. It was considered the most important organ in the body and was thus preserved separately and placed in a canopic jar when the body was embalmed.

Many people today might agree — at least to the extent that the heart is a very complex organ that not only we couldn’t live without, but also guides us in this world.

Charmco is a company that specializes in gold charm bracelets. We make gold charms for charm necklaces for all occasions, such as graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, to celebrate life, and to mark matters of the heart. In this blog post, Charmco will highlight some of our favorite heart charms that you can give away as tokens of your love and affection to those special people who you care about. Visit us online today!



Charmco’s Vintage Ruby Cluster Heart 14K Gold Charm features beautiful rubies in the center of a double-layered heart. Rubies, perhaps out of all the precious gemstones in the world, symbolize love, energy, passion, and power. Red is the color of power, and rubies in ancient times were thought to restore youth and vitality. Red, being the color of blood and of your heart, symbolizes life, and thus is a perfect addition to heart charms by Charmco.

   Vintage Victorian Heart with 3 Diamond Center 14K Gold Charm

Another vintage gold charm for bracelets offered by Charmco is our Vintage Victorian Heart with 3 Diamond Center 14K Gold Charm. As one of the hardest substances in the world, diamonds stand for durability and strength. In fact, diamonds were named by the ancient Greeks (adamas is Greek for diamonds) and means invincible, indestructible, and untamed. The heart we display to others is what we will be remembered for — what will transcend the power of time and in essence be our indestructible contribution on this earth. A birthstone for those born in April, this gold charm for bracelets is sure to be a favorite.


If you’re looking for a heart charm that is engravable and can hold photos, look no further than Charmco’s Vintage Engravable Heart Locket 9K Gold Charm. This heart charm opens vertically and is solid gold with classic designs. Perfect to engrave names, dates, or even a simple message like “love” on the back. The heart itself as a symbol of love probably has ancient origins, but the first time it appeared as a definitive symbol of love was in the Middle Ages when a man offered his heart (literally) to a lady. Give this heart charm to someone you love today!


If you’re looking for an unmistakable declaration of love, choose Charmco’s Vintage Tiger's Eye Love Heart 14K Gold Charm. This heart charm is made out of Tiger’s Eye, which is a yellowish-brown semi-precious quartz material. Another gem that harkens back to the ancient Egyptians, Tiger’s Eye was used for the eyes in ancient Egyptians’ deity statues, which thus came to symbolize divine vision. Serving as a symbol of wisdom and all-knowing, Tiger’s Eye continues to inspire creativity and good judgement as well as using one’s talents and abilities for good. In a heart shape, Charmco has turned this ancient gem into a symbol of ever-lasting love and affection, with love spelled out.

The ultimate symbol of two hearts locked together forever is Charmco’s Intertwined Hearts 14k Gold Charm. Give this beautiful gold charm to your forever love as a symbol that you’ll always be together.


All of Charmco’s gold charms can be used for gold charm bracelets and charm necklaces. We offer a wide assortment on our website to suit every need. You can choose from cable gold bracelets to link gold bracelets as well as classic vintage knot bracelets. We even offer a 14k gold bracelet that is linked together with a heart clasp — the perfect complement to our heart charms above.

Charmco offers gold charms for charm bracelets and charm necklaces to suit every taste and style and to remember every special moment. Our mission is to invoke memories of special times through our small gold charms. Celebrate life, love, and your loved one with gold charms by Charmco today!