Fall Fashion Trends

Aug 30th 2016

Fall Fashion Trends

It’s here! In just one week, fabulous season of Fall will grace our beautiful country, filling the air with brisk breezes and the streets with leaves. As the remnants of summer have almost completely withered away, we now get to change out our sundresses and shorts for leggings and oversized sweaters. This seasons brings out some of the best fashion trends that every woman loves for many reasons.

Reasons No. 1 for loving Fall - All the colors. Seriously, what is better than multicolored trees up against a crisp blue sky? Not to mention that overall feeling you get from Fall--what is it about the air?

Reason No 1. for loving Fall Fashion - All the warmth. Who doesn’t absolutely love their chunky sweaters wrapped around them while the cool breezes rush around them? Only a crazy person could turn this comfort down.

Reason No. 2 for loving Fall - PUMPKIN! Whether it’s pumpkin beer, pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin pie, or just pumpkins themselves, this attribute of Autumn is a staple of the season, and let’s face it, a staple of our lives during Fall.

Reason No 2. for loving Fall Fashion - Charm Bracelets. Because Fall fashion is all about big chunky sweaters, it’s important that you have accessories that can match the overall chunkiness of a sweater. Charm bracelets are a great way to rival those huge sweaters you’ll be rocking come the Vernal Equinox.

We know there are at least one hundred reasons to love Autumn and Fall fashion, but these are just a couple that are the most important. Get your gold charms and vintage charm to make your statement charm bracelet stand out with the rest of your fall styles. Check out Charm CO now!