Easter Charms for the Soul

Mar 1st 2019

Easter Charms for the Soul

By Charmco

Spring is the season of renewal. Characterized by cherry blossoms, tulips, and green buds on trees and shrubs, spring offers us a sense of hope, excitement, and anticipation for the coming season. With spring comes the renewal of life as well as birds nesting and cute baby animals flitting, hopping, chirping, singing, and running. And what defines cuteness any better than soft baby bunnies and downy baby chicks that peep. No wonder these are two of the most popular symbols of spring and the holiday most often associated with spring — Easter. Charmco, a company that makes charms for bracelets, celebrates Easter with small gold charms. Mark the excitement of the season with unique bracelets and gold charms from Charmco. Order yours online today.


What symbolizes Easter better than the Easter bunny? Charmco’s Bunny Rabbit 14k Gold Charm is the perfect small gold charm to celebrate Easter. Poised to hop into your heart, this Bunny Rabbit charm is sure to come with sweet chocolate eggs. Introduced from Germany in the 1700s, children would build a nest for the Easter Bunny and leave out carrots for him to eat if he got hungry. This Bunny Rabbit 14k Gold Charm is the perfect Easter gift.

Who doesn’t love hunting for Easter eggs and seeing what surprise lies inside? With Charmco’s Easter Egg 14K Gold Charm, you’ll discover a baby chick to greet you inside. Easter eggs have been colored for centuries and were originally used as house decorations, much like the pumpkins and wreaths that are used today. Some of the most beautiful Easter eggs ever made were by the jeweller Carl Fabergé for the former Royal rulers Czar Alexander III and Czar Nicholas II. Each had a surprise encased inside as well. Nowadays, you’re more likely to find chocolate inside an Easter egg. This moveable gold charm from Charmco is sure to delight the Easter-lover in your family.

Speaking of chocolate, Easter is not complete without one of the most popular kinds of chocolate — the M & M. Charmco’s Vintage M&M Candy 14K Gold Charm celebrates one of America’s most iconic brands and chocolates, loved by generation after generation. The perfect size to hide inside Easter eggs, this chocolate-coated candy was perfect for WWII soldiers because the candy didn’t melt. M&Ms were the first candy in space and were the official snack for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. Celebrate this beloved American snack candy with this small gold charm by Charmco.

Easter celebrates Christ’s resurrection. Many people attend church between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Charmco’s Vintage Church With Lord's Prayer Stanhope 14K Gold Charm is a beautiful small gold charm that features the Lord’s Prayer inside the church. This charm for bracelet will remind you to be grateful each and every day.

Vintage Church With Lord's Prayer Stanhope 14K Gold Charm

Perhaps you like the simplicity of the season. Charmco’s elegant Cross 14K Gold Engravable Charm can be personalized with a name, date, or occasion to remember this special season when Christ was crucified. This small gold charm is perfect as a gold bracelet charm and will complement your other charms.

One of our favorite spring charms is our Butterfly 14k Gold Charm. Exquisite in detail and design a butterfly reminds us of the beauty in nature that surrounds us. Many of us have fond memories of catching butterflies when we were little and studying their life cycle in school. Butterflies are one of the most captivating animals in nature, as they are the perfect combination of beauty and grace in the harsh world. Let Charmco’s elegant golden Butterfly charm flit its way into your heart.

Charmco’s mission is to create momentos for you to cherish and give away to remember the special occasions and events in your life. When you wear a charm necklace or a gold charm bracelet, you are reminded of the moments where you laughed, the moments when you cried, or the moments that changed your life. Memories are what makes humans unique and can be the impetus to get us through our busy and sometimes rough days in life. With custom charms that speak to you, your day will be a little bit brighter. Remember the blessings that spring and Easter bring with a unique bracelet from Charmco. Order yours today!