Charms For Valentine's Day

Feb 2nd 2017

Charms For Valentine's Day

By Charmco

It’s not too late to get a charm for your loved one for Valentine’s Day! We have an amazing selection of charms designed for you to show your love! These charms are for charm bracelets or necklaces, or any other creative use you can think of! To see our collection that is focused on this holiday celebrating love, visit our Valentine’s Charms page. There are only a few days left, so shop today!

For the Woman Who Shakes Up Your Life

We have the perfect gift for the woman who took your boring life and added excitement. The “I Love You” spinner 14K Gold Charm is perfect for someone who spins you around - but in a good way of course. This classic spinner has a vintage look with feminine scrolls forming the hanger and a matte gold spinner engraved on one side with half of each letter that spells out “I Love You”, on the other side, the other half of each letter is engraved. When the charm is spun around, the letters visually join to spell out the confession of affection. Another charm that is perfect for someone with boundless energy is the “I Love You” Scramble 14K Gold Charm, this gold charm is a jumble of the letters that spell out the phrase “I Love You.”

An Old-Fashioned Woman

She may be modern in the way she thinks and does her job, but in her heart, she is a woman who appreciates old-fashioned things and values. You can’t get much more old-fashioned than a knight in shining armor! She’ll love getting this Knight in Shining Armor 14K Gold Charm from her chivalrous man. This glossy gold man on a horse, with a lance poised for jousting, will communicate to your love that you are her one true love. If you and your love prefer private expressions of love, the Couple Under Umbrella 14K Charm might be perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift.

Hearts Galore!

Hearts are, of course, the traditional symbol for love, and so, also for Valentines Day. Charm Co. has enough heart-themed charms that you are sure to find one that is perfect for your special someone. We have hearts that can be engraved with the name of your sweetheart, including, the Engravable Heart 14K Charm that has beveled edges that give it a dimensional feel while it retains it’s delicate feel. This would be perfect on a charm bracelet or on a necklace. One cute heart we offer is the Love Message Heart 14K Gold Charm. This adorable little charm has a little crack running down it, just off-center, and it opens to reveal a smaller heart inside, upon which is engraved “I Love You.” If you are looking for a bit of “wow factor” in your gift, the Vintage Heart with Rubies & Sapphires 18K Gold Charm might be just the thing you are looking for. This little bubble of a heart is made up of a frilly set of rubies and sapphires. One side is covered with sapphires, and the other side is covered with rubies. A gem of a find for Valentine’s Day!

Hearts And Keys

Who has the key to your heart and vice versa? You can give a matching set with the Vintage Heart & Key with Diamonds 14K Charm. One side is a gold frame inset with tiny sparkling diamonds, while the other side is plain matte gold. With the heart comes a tiny key. If you and your sweetheart have been to Paris, or dream of going someday, you probably know about the Pont des Arts. This lock-covered bridge is famous for lovers adding their own locks to show the world their commitment to their love. You don’t have to go all the way to Paris to give your love a lock that tells them you are theirs. The Vintage Diamond Lock 14K Gold Charm says it all. This sweet charm is matte gold with four tiny round diamonds at the top making it elegant as well as romantic.


Women love lockets, and while we don’t have scientific data to back up that claim, we are pretty sure it’s true. We have a wide selection of lockets, so you are sure to find one that your lady will love. Tell her that lady luck was on your side when you met her with a Vintage Die Picture Box with Sapphires 1K Gold Charm. This exquisite charm is about the size of a normal die and is covered with an etched design with sapphires taking the role of the dots with tiny starbursts around each one. The die opens to reveal a tiny picture frame for you to place a photo of you to make the gift personal.

Make this year’s Valentine’s Day present one she will cherish and remember for the rest of her life. Shop CharmCo for a wide selection of charms that are perfect for Valentine's Day.