Charms for the Chef

Aug 13th 2018

Charms for the Chef

By Charmco

Charmco takes delight in designing 14k gold charms to mark occasions, holidays, festivals, special days, vacations, or anything else you want to remember in a special way. Charmco also loves honoring the everyday tasks we pour our hearts into--most often thanklessly. Cooking, cleaning, sewing, fixing, and care-taking. Similar to our last post on honoring Labor Day workers, Charmco would like to honor one of the most important daily tasks we do every day with meaningful charms--cooking!


We all have to eat to survive, and after a long day at work, cooking is sometimes the last thing we want to do. Charmco celebrates the art of cooking and the cook in your family who works tirelessly to make your meals taste good day-in and day-out!

One of our new arrivals, Chef’s Hat 14k Gold Charm celebrates the baker within! Perfect for the professional culinary chef or just the baker of the family. This charm is sure to shine in the kitchen!

Charmco’s Bundt Pan 14k Gold Charm celebrates the lover of breads and desserts! Classic, this 14k Gold Charm is delicious and sure to spice up your baker’s cakes!

Admit it, we can’t live without a colander in the house! Charmco’s Colander 14k Gold Charm will charm any cook in the family and serve as a reminder not to strain yourself!

Pair with Charmco’s Cookbook 14k Gold Engravable Charm for a personal touch that will leave a memory to last a lifetime. Engrave with the name of the cook in the family or a favorite recipe, this 14k gold charm is sure to evoke an exclamation! Your choice of lettering.

What else does a cook need? How about a butcher knife, spatula, and spoon? Charmco’s 14k Gold Enamel Butcher Knife, Spatula, and Spoon marks the tools of a trade and belong in any kitchen.

It’s hard to bake without a measuring cup Charmco’s Enamel Measuring Cup 14k Gold Charm is marked in cups and ready to get down to business of desert-making!

With all this baking going on, how are we gonna eat it all? Charmco’s Fork, Knife, and Spoon 14k Gold Charm is exquisite in detail and a perfect complement to all of our other kitchen-themed charms.

Charmco’s Golden Whisk 14k Gold Charm is sure to bring up memories of cooking in the kitchen with a loved one, perhaps Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners. A perfect addition to the kitchen tool box!

Looking for a moveable charm for your kitchen aficionado? Look no further than Charmco’s moveable Hourglass 14k Gold Charm. Watch every second tick down as the crystals move back and forth as the hourglass is turned up and down. A perfect way to measure time in the kitchen, use as a timer, or evoke memories of the old kitchen timers your grandmother used to use before the advent of digital timers.

Charmco recognizes the importance of cooking in your life with charms from the simplistic to moveable to engraveable. After a long day at work or long day at play in the snow or out in the hot sun on the beach, nothing is more comforting than coming home to a perfect, favorite meal. Honoring those who cement these memories day-in and day-out is important to Charmco. Create another special memory with Charmco’s 14k Gold Charms and outfit your kitchen today!