Charms For The Bookworm In Your Life

May 29th 2016

Charms For The Bookworm In Your Life

Charms are a great gift for anyone. But as any gift should be well thought of, and specific to the person that the gift is for, it should also be special. One special gift to give your friends are custom charms. They’re a great way to show your friends that you really care, and truly think of their interests when buying them gifts. Buying gold charms for your friends is a great gift because you get to find the perfect gold charm for them, and they get to sport it on their wrist or neck wherever they go. If you have a friend that’s a book worm, here are some charms that you could give them to add to their gold charm collection.

  1. Bookworm 14k Gold Charm - A literal book worm charm is a great gift for the avid reader. This charm is also engravable, and you can customize it to say their favorite writers name, or their own name.
  2. Vintage Monogram Book 14k Gold Charm - This is a great charm to add to a charm collection. This vintage charm can also be engraved to read the initials of the person you’re giving it to. It’s beautiful, and will make any charm collector blissfully happy.
  3. Vintage Diamond Book - We can’t stress enough how much we love vintage charms. They have a classic look that completes any charm collection. This adorable gold charm reads “ I love you,” which is a great way to show your friend you care.

Whether you're gifting gold charms to your friends for their birthday, a graduation gift, or a simple token of your appreciation for them as a friend, charms are a great way to commemorate a friendship. Check out the rest of the charms from Charm CO. for the cutest charms for your wrist.