Charms For Mother’s Day

May 1st 2016

Charms For Mother’s Day

It’s officially May, and that means that Mother’s Day is just a week away. You’ve made the brunch reservations, but have you gotten the card, gift and flowers? If you haven’t chosen a gift yet, consider how much your mother would love a custom charm bracelet.

A custom charm bracelet is a great gift that keeps on giving. Getting a charm bracelet or charm necklace for your mom this Mother’s Day is a wonderful way to say “ thank you Mom, for all that you do, I love you.” With Charm CO, you can choose from a wide range of charms for her bracelet or necklace so consider these 14k gold charms for her.

  • Hobbies - Get your mother a charm that represents her hobbies. Is she a reader? If so, a Book 14k gold charm that denotes her love of reading and adventures through stories is a great gift.
  • Sports - Does your mom have a favorite sport? Does she still play a sport? If she’s an avid tennis player consider getting her a Tennis Racquet with Diamond Ball 14k gold charm to represent her love for recreation through Tennis. If your mom loves to watch football, consider giving her a vintage charm 14k gold football for her bracelet.
  • Engraveable Charms - A great way to bring a tear to your mother’s eye this holiday is by giving her engraved charms that say “ I love you,” or even ones that say your birthdate on it, as well as ones for your siblings.

Regardless of the gift you get your mother, she’s going to love it. But giving her a custom charm bracelet says so much more, and let’s her know you appreciate all that she is, and all that she does. Check out more of the vintage charms from Charm CO to see what else you can find!