Charms For All Occasions

May 15th 2016

Charms For All Occasions

Creating a charm collection that has charms that represent you in every possible way is a lot of fun. But it’s important that the charms you’re creating are not just relative, but appropriate as well. The great thing about charm bracelets is that they look great with every outfit, so you can match them up with any type of occasion. So, how should you rock your charm bracelets for each type of event? Here’s a breakdown of some rules for wearing your charm bracelet anywhere.

  • Formal Occasions - This could be a tricky feat to conquer, but trust us, you definitely can. Because you can get both silver and gold charm bracelets, you can choose the bracelet that fits best with your formal outfit. Be sure to check out the charm collection you have on that bracelet first though.
  • Casual - Obviously you can wear your gold charms at any casual occasion. So we recommend taking a look into your charm collection, to see which charms fit the occasion. Headed to a Baseball game? Try adding the Baseball Bat & Ball 14k Gold Charm and the Baseball Mit 14k Gold Charm for a cute accessory at the ball field!

Knowing which gold charms to wear to certain events can be a difficult decision. Not only do you have to wear the appropriate outfit that looks best, but you have to accessorize it with the perfect charms. While you have so many charms to choose from, it can get difficult to find the right one. You’ll notice that you probably don’t have enough charms in your charm collection, so why not consider creating custom charms to add to it. There are endless occasions for wearing your charm bracelet, and with the option to customize your charms, you’ll always be in style.