Charms by You: Ordering a Custom Charm

Nov 15th 2016

Charms by You: Ordering a Custom Charm

By Charmco

Ordering Your Custom Charms

As your browse through our inventory of gold charms, you might find exactly what you were looking for. Other times, you might not find quite the right charm, but what you came across in our store spurred some inspiration. Fortunately, if you didn’t find the right gold charms, Charm Co. offers custom charms and custom charm bracelets to our creative clients. Our shoppers get the opportunity to create their own custom-made gold charms that make for a memorable and thoughtful gifts.

Why Do We Love Custom Charms?

First, we love gold charms for their dainty, yet powerful presence on a person’s wrist or neck. Charms can represent so much for a person, and they add so much style to any outfit. They can be worn with anything, and they’re always in style because they’re your expression and choice, something that never goes out of style. But the reason we love custom charms is so much deeper.

While all charms tell a story, the charms that we custom-make for our charm lovers actually comes with a story. Those that purchase our beautiful gold charms don’t always have to share with us their reasons for purchasing a charm for themselves, or why it might be a gift for another (though we love it when you do), but those that purchase a custom charm bracelet tell the story as they create the charms with us. Let us tell you a short tale of a custom charm bracelet for a client’s beloved.

A Charming Story of Love and Friendship

A husband came to us looking to create a charm bracelet that was unique to his cherished wife. Together, we created a custom charm bracelet that had retro silhouettes of their son and daughter, as well as a wedding cake with their wedding date engraved on it (yes, we also offer engravable charms). In addition to these custom charms, we added a rotary phone that rotated to say “I love you” and a couple kissing under an umbrella. It was a fun and beautiful experience to see a husband go the extra mile to get his wife a thoughtful gift. This client graciously shared his story with us, stating that, “my wife now calls it her favorite belonging of all time.”

A Gift Within a Gift

We at Charm Co. love getting the opportunity to be a part of the gift giving process. Those who allow us to be apart of their custom charm creations give us the gift of sharing our creativity and love for gold charms with many. We know that when we create gold charms, we also create a lasting memory for both the givers and the receivers.

Share the gift giving experience with us and get a beautiful and thoughtful, custom-made bracelet to give your loved one a present to remember. Our gold charms are high quality, and we even offer soldering for your charm bracelets as well! If you’re looking to give that special someone a special something, then don’t hesitate to shop Charm Co. now!