Charms Are….

Apr 20th 2016

Charms Are….

Charms. Beautiful little gold heirlooms that represent so much. In fact, they can represent whatever you want. Your gold charms are what you make of them, and the place they hold in your heart is up to you. What can charms mean to any of us?

Charms can represent memories. This is especially true for vintage charms. Maybe your grandmother passed down her custom charm bracelet to your mother, and from your mother she gave the bracelet to you. That in itself makes your charms family heirlooms, and they represent the memories. You can add your own memories to the same bracelet, making it a timeless piece.

Charms can also represent you. Custom charm bracelets are unique to the proud wearer of them. Maybe your charm bracelet is chock full of custom charms from birthday’s past, or even from your accomplishments such as graduation, or your first born. Regardless of when you received or bought those gold charms, they’re on your bracelet for a reason.

Engraved charms are special. Why? Because they are usually gifted to loved ones from each other. Your boyfriend could get you an engraved charm that reads “Five Years And Counting. 2016,” for your anniversary present. Your mother might get you an engraved charm for your birthday that reads, “Happy sweet 16 my darling daughter!” Regardless of the occasion, engraved charms are a fantastic way to give your charm bracelet more meaning.

Gold charms are whatever you want them to be. Whether it’s your way of carrying your loved ones and memories with you, or simply a great piece to add to your already great style, they will be what you make of them. And hey, there your charms so why not? Keeping adding charms to your charm bracelet for years to come and wear a personal time capsule with you every day.