Charm Upkeep: Keep Your Gold Charm Bracelet Looking New

Jan 22nd 2016

Charm Upkeep: Keep Your Gold Charm Bracelet Looking New

Investing in time to care for your Charmco charms is important for making sure that your charms last a long time. This is especially true for your jewelry pieces that have gems or stones in them. When it comes to taking care of your valuable jewelry in a proper manner, there are many habits that you can develop. Just like cleaning will make your jewelry last longer, so will soldering.

Of the many jewelry up-keep processes you should use, soldering is a process that you should certainly utilize. Soldering is a practice in which you have your charms connected by a tiny amount of metal to your gold charm bracelet. They take the rings that hold your charm on your bracelet and melt them to where they can’t bend and fall off. This process also includes using soldering to reinforce any other weak or vulnerable spaces on your charm that may cause it to break. Having your charms soldered is not only necessary, but it’s recommended. Your gold charms are not something you want to lose. Not only are they valuable to you in sentiment, but they’re valuable for monetary reasons as well. Losing a charm means more than just having to pay to replace it, it could mean that you’ve lost a nostalgic piece of jewelry that represents an important time or figure in your life.

Soldering your charms to your charm bracelets or necklaces is not only necessary, it is vital. Gold charms are not only valuable for monetary reasons, but for reasons of sentiment as well. If you already have an established gold charm bracelet, or are looking to start a gold charm bracelet, you should absolutely consider soldering.