Be a Charming Best Friend

May 8th 2016

Be a Charming Best Friend

Just about every time your friends see you they compliment you on something you’re wearing. And why wouldn’t they, you’re the most fashion forward of them all. We know that you’re looking great in everything that you wear, and your gold charms are no exception. We recommend taking a mental note of every compliment you receive about your charm collection. Here are some great charms to consider gifting your friends, since they love yours so much.

  • “Love,” Sign Language 14k Gold Charm - Nothing says “I love you,” like actually saying it. But a gold charm that says it for you is a great way to symbolize your love for your best friend.
  • Coffee Mug 14k Gold Charm - If you’re anything like my best friend and I, then you frequently get together over a roasty, toasty cup of coffee. Gift this gold charm to your best friend as a reminder for why you bond.
  • Vintage Beer Stein With Turquoise 18K Gold Charm - There seems to be a trend with girls and their best friends, that they get together over either a hot beverage, or a cold one. If you and your friend appreciate a big stein of beer as much as we do, then this charm will be a great gift as well.

Every friendship is so very different. And many girls have different reasons as to why they bond with each friend in their own way. What better way to show your friend you care about them than giving them a vintage gold charm for their charm collection? Gift them the gift of jewelry, but memories as well.