Adding Charms For The Seasons

Feb 24th 2016

Adding Charms For The Seasons

Once again you are taking a stroll through your favorite park. As you’re walking you notice the many changes in the air. What were once trees covered in green, are now only slightly covered in yellow. It’s a somewhat brisk afternoon in mid-September and you can’t help but notice the beauty that mother nature has afforded you. The love you feel for autumn is unwavering and appreciative. And the same goes for winter. You watch the snowfall in wonder of winter’s beauty and are once again appreciative of mother nature’s abilities. You love winter and fall so much that you want to add winter and fall like charms to your collection. In our last blog we talked about the perfect charms for spring and summer, so here are a few picks for fall and winter that we know you’ll love.

  • Charms that would be suitable for fall could a Maple Leaf 14k Gold Charm, or a charm that would represent Halloween or Thanksgiving. For Halloween, the Witches Hat 14k Gold Charm would be perfect! Just as the Fork, Knife Spoon 14k Gold Charm is perfect for Thanksgiving!
  • Some great gold charms for winter would be a Snowman 14k Gold Charm, or the Snowflake 14k Gold Charm. And for those that want to match the Christmas season can choose the Merry Christmas Tree 14k Gold Charm, or the Gingerbread 14k Gold Charm.

Take a look at your charm collection to see if you’re missing anything that is perfect for each season. It your charm collections lacks a celebration of the season changes, you can order your 14k gold charms from Charm Co.